Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Hot Potato Chip: Week 37

A big week for me and Chip- likely to be our biggest week as "one"! Chip is now considered full-term, meaning he or she could join us at any time (I'm not expecting this, though I am starting to doubt that I'll go very late... we'll see).  I also finished work last Thursday, and spent the long weekend feeling a million miles from Waitangi, celebrating Chip's impending arrival and my 30th birthday with a vast array of family and friends! 

What we ate: With a Mexican themed birthday barbecue, helpful guests for the weekend, and a baby shower it was a week of feasting!  Healthiness wise, it could have been a lot worse.  Fortunately summer means delicious fresh fruit and veges, and my family are healthy eaters, so we spent our nights together eating healthified lasagne and pan fried salmon with veges from the garden instead of Chinese takeaways and fish & chips.  The highlight of the baby shower was definitely homemade cinnamon buns, courtesy of my mother and sister.  Phil said they were the best he'd had in New Zealand, which is certainly high praise! Our Mexican menu (both beef and vege fajitas, homemade salsa and guac, black bean salad, and spicy Mexican rice) was a hit with our guests too!

How we moved: Not a lot- finishing work, entertaining guests, and planning what seemed like a zillion occasions meant it was a quiet week exercise-wise.  Tuesday's swim was cut short, thanks to reflux.  The only swim all pregnancy where I haven't made it to 1000m. Yoga was pretty uncomfortable on Thursday, as I brought the wrong yoga pants, and had to wear my work pants instead. I walked with my best friend and her 18 month old to the park on Friday, and paid for it with feet that stayed (badly) swollen all weekend! This coming week will probably be better, as my time is pretty much entirely my own!

Where we went: An emphatic "nowhere".  I barely left the house on Friday, Saturday or Monday, and didn't leave it all on Monday!

What we wore: Jandals.  I crammed my feet into work shoes for a perfunctory couple of hours every day, but was always in jandals by early afternoon (except when meeting clients!)

What we bought/got given: Loads and loads.  It's such a cliche to say it, but I was seriously overwhelmed by the generosity of our friends and family- as well as by their gift giving abilities! I am now feeling much more prepared for Chip's arrival! And a little teary!

What changed: The severe swelling is new.  Luckily, my BP is fine (124/80 today, compared to my pregnancy-usual of 120/80), and I haven't had any protein in my urine, so we're not worried.  I just need to work at keeping my feet elevated. Not easy when I'm also trying to sit forward to encourage Chip to stay anterior. Chip's head is also starting to engage, which is a step in the right direction, but nothing to be particularly excited about!

Exciting moments: My baby shower was just amazing.  It featured a baby triathlon (my team won), and hand decorating a bunch of onesies (amongst other things).  The whole day was wonderfully relaxed, with people coming and going- and made completely stress free thanks to the wonderful help from family and friends, who kept taking over the kitchen!

Race number!

Bike onesie, by my sister

What I miss: Being able to use those wonderful automatic fly spray cannisters.  I'm testing various natural fly solutions, but they're just not the same (and they leave the air smelling of soapy vinegar...)


Casie said...

I think all birthday's should be celebrated with Mexican! I did for my 30th and for my first annual 30th ;). Next year you'll need to add a margarita or two!

Enjoy any down time you get between now & Chip's arrival.

sarah (the SHU box) said...

AHHHHHH 37!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  so exciting!!!!  

runbakerace said...

Happy baby shower and Happy Birthday!!!! Such an exciting week for you and Chip.  That bike onesie is so cute and hopefully with maternity leave, you will have more time for swimming.  I am loving swimming now because I forget I'm pregnant :).  Water and weightlessness is my friend.  Keep your feet up, lady, and enjoy that maternity leave.

Mandy said...

I love that onesie! Sooo cute.

Happy Birthday!

My guy was born 1 1/2 weeks after my birthday.. but was due 2 days before it. For a while we thought we might share a birthday. :D

Lisa @ Bakebikeblog said...

YAY for 37 weeks! I cant believe how soon we will be meeting our little ones!!! so very exciting xx

ooh and ps - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!