Thursday, January 31, 2008

Give me an A...

Give me a T! Give me an H! E! N! A! What's that spell?! ATHENA!!!

Whew! Well, I've always had a HUGE amount of admiration for all you Athenas out there, but now that I'm in the club, even if I'm barely there, all I can say is WOW. It's a crap load harder to haul 150+lb around the hills than it was to haul 130!

Operation "Hand Back the Athena Card" is going OK. I can say that today. Yesterday wasn't such a great one. But I am counting calories, working out, creating decent but not OTT deficits and slooowly losing. It's hard in summer- there's always a bbq somewhere, and it doesn't take long for bbq food, even the healthy stuff, to add up.

Bootcamp started this week, and so far I likie. My insecurity got the better of me on Monday, testing day. I was the second longest prone-holder, but the girl who beat me was miles better, and the second overall female beep tester, but the girl who beat me was miles better (same girl). How is coming "second" in what's NOT A COMPETITION a bad thing?? I think the constant sight of my red-faced sweaty self in my too small gym gear in the humungous mirror was a bit too much for me.

Wednesday was better. No mirrors, and running a hilly circuit round the top of Mt Vic. I was happy to be clearly in the "fit group", and my endurance was paying off by the time we got to circuit 4. I pushed a little too hard on the way back to the carpark and learned my lesson when we were treated to some hella hill reps.

Am really looking forward to this weekend! I'm runnning with Scottish on Saturday morning, hitting the trails for 90ish minutes around Kaukau/Northern Burbs, then going to my baby sister's 21st out in Kaitoke. We're camping out, and then going to the Blueberry Farm/Mexican Cafe for MY birthday (26-argh). Neither blueberry pancakes nor mexican food are conducive to weight loss, so I'm going to make my way to the farm on foot, over the Kaitoke ridge track. I can't wait!!!

Oh- and one more thing- Happy Negative Oneth Anniversary to me!


Pip said...

Argh - Bootcamp sounds like my kind of evil fun! I haven't forgotten our discussions about hooking up for a ride. I've been pretty manic since my earlier-than-expected promotion to project manager, and I leave for two and a half weeks in the South Island on Sunday. I'm taking Lola and I have plans to take her for a few jaunts around Golden Bay and Central Otago. There's a 96km route round Lake Dunstan that my trainer has forbidden me to do (I'm allowed 60km), but which looks amazing! Unfortunately though it's been over 30 degrees down there, so I'd have to be up at the break of dawn to avoid frying myself.

Anyway - keep up the good work and I'll be in touch in a couple of weeks! Oh, and apparently the Warehouse has added skorts to their Activewear line. Might be worth checking out in my endless search for a running skirt!

Wes said...

Happy Negative Oneth Anniversary to you!! :-)

What's up with all you chicas doing these boot camps. They scare me :-)

SUB6 said...

you know the Rotorua HI does have an Athena category ... it might just be worth staying 'in the club' :) haha

... I've 'considered' the Clydesdale category ... if I could swap some fat for muscle I'd fall into it easy :)