Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another update...

Since I'm short on time and stories, I'll follow the same ol' format:

Oh- but first, BIG congrats to Bodyworks members and paralympian medallists Kate Horan and Paula Tesoriero!!!

Great Master's workout squished into Saturday morning. A bit of a shock to our systems after training with Sarah's squad- in Sarah's lane I'm in the fast lane (yup, still exciting...) and P is comfortably in the medium lane. At Masters, I was (second) slowest in the slow lane (though we only had two) and was left gasping as we churned out 100m in 1:32. ONE THIRTY TWO?! I convinced P to stick it out, and we had a blast. Because the lane was crowded we did short sets anyway, so we weren't too lashed.

Another good workout on Monday, though somehow I got stuck leading on the -ve split 200s. Well, leading the slowpokes in our lane anyway. My personal goal was to make sure I didn't get lapped by the speedies! Finished cooling down, and noticed I was at 2900m, so squeaked out another 100 for my first 3k swim in yonks.


Here I am (haven't decided whether to spend the $10 yet...) with my new ride :) I haven't ridden it yet, as we had a frantic weekend.

We went out for a wee jaunt around the bays together on Sunday. Simply Perfect. Saturday had been mad, weatherwise, with a bitterly cold southerly in the morning, clearing to a perfect Wellington winter day by afternoon. We had a fantastic view of the snow on the Orongorongo's from home, and brilliant views of the Kaikouras out on our ride. Just spectacular! We rode pretty easy on Sunday, just having a nice time, and I felt better on the wee hills than I had last Saturday.

We also went for our first pre-work ride this week (yesterday). I had a blast! We did a 20ishk loop out to Miramar, round some rolling suburban hills, and back via the airport. The rain and wind came back as we reached Kilbirnie, so the last couple of ks wasn't much fun. Anyway, am feeling MUCH better about riding now, and looking forward to some serious training!


Not much to report. Has been a mad week work, wedding and lifewise,so one workout a day is all I can do. I ran to the gym this morning, and did some wee intervals for my cardio break, but haven't been doing enough.


David said...


What's the squad yo go to on Monday's? Sounds like it might be slow enough for me :) Is it at Kilbirnie?

Kate said...

Hi David,

It's at Karori. I think there's a waiting list for the next season, but it might be worth getting in touch with Sarah (if you email me I can give you her address- I think my email is in my profile somewhere)

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice 3K swim! That's great!!

Rachel said...

How is the wedding planning going?

SUB6 said...

Re your comment ... you are absolutely right!!! ... and DON'T think I got away with it lightly ... I forgot to pack it! No excuse though!

I did feel bad cos it annoys me when I see parents out with their kids and the kids are wearing helmets and ... well you know!