Monday, October 13, 2008

Retrospective blue

I'm off sick today (trying to shake off a cough and a bit of a chest- I'm absurdly paranoid about bronchitis as a few colleagues have been sick), and what better to do than reading my archives.

Not a good idea. It feels like I haven't improved anything. Same old issues, only I'm 15lb heavier and a minute/mile slower. Whoopeee. My fellow beginners from back then are running 45 minute 10ks, and sub-5:30 half-IMs, and here I am, wondering if I'll ever go sub-50 again, and just hoping to get round the damn course.

Also got my nutrition plan from the nutritionist today. It's depressing how little I get to eat, and I'm feeling very glum about the shape I'm in, and lettng myself get this way. I'm sad to say goodbye to chocolate, PB and cheese.

Oh, and I'm sad that I'm not working out today. And that I can't do anything to undo the leftover panang gai (homemade, at least). And that I'm back to adding (/wanting to add) workouts to remedy calorie splurges.



Pip said...

Nooooo! That's enough of that negative thinking. You're allowed a certain ration because you're sick, but I think you just used your ration up!

Seems to me like you have a pretty good life. So no point in beating yourself up over things you haven't done when there's so much you have. Besides - you're doing Rotorua. Not many people could even contemplate training for that!

Still keen for a ride this weekend but if you're too sick then I think I'm free next Sunday as well.

Aaron said...

I certainly couldn't contemplate training for a half IM! Hope the training goes well and you feel better soon. Being sick is no fun at all.