Friday, December 26, 2008

Need for speed..

On 23 December I ran my first 5k in aaages, in pretty damn perfect conditions. I'm disappointed with my time- 23:19- so I'm going to spend the next few weeks doing a specific 5k run plan (I'll do some swimming, cycling and weight training on the top), with the goal of taking 2 minutes off over the next year.

My speedy boy ran 18:15, for a PB of 1:43, and he hasn't even been running!


Pip said...

I'd love to do 23! I stood you up, didn't I? Have to stop doing that! Though I felt better about not riding on the weekend when I found out both my Gearshifters decided not ride with the Tarbabies either.

Anyway, i was going to run on Tuesday but got caught up in pre-Christmas organistion stress and failed badly. However, I'm home (off work) to the end of January so ....

If you want a ride, let me know, and this time it will REALLY have to happen. If not we should at least do coffee!

SUB6 said...

Using most calculators a 23:19 5K gives you an 'easy' Sub4 marathon time so looks like you're on track for that. I know you're disappointed with the time (altho like Pip I'd love to run that fast right now), you'll drive yourself nuts trying to compare and compete with that 'speedy boy' of yours ... hope you're having a great holiday.

Aaron said...

23 is pretty decent really. I'm in a similar boat - have run auckland in March a 10km series and need to work on speed.

Sounds like your mr speedy has done some sprint work in the past - that's a very fast time.

Rachel said...

Love the title change (reminds me of my license plate: FeGrrl (which no one gets)).

Don't sweat your slow runs. We're SUPPOSED to be slow and out of shape right now. Happy New Year!