Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A good run

As I've mentioned to some of you in comments/on facebook/etc, I am a big, chocolate-guzzling, overworked, about to shift cities, husband-missing blob at the moment.

But tonight I had a good run, after a good couple of swims (Sunday and Tuesday) and a good gym session this morning, and I am starting to feel more like me. Also, today is Ash Wednesday and there will henceforth be no chocolate until Easter Sunday.

1 comment:

SUB6 said...

Would love to join you in the no chocoalate thingy but me and Jo HAVE TO HAVE 72% dark chocolate every night when the kids have gone to bed just because it's MEDICINE!!! Try not to eat normal chocoalte now though.

Good luck with getting back into the swing of things and settling down in your new city.