Thursday, October 29, 2009

Umm... seems that whenever you plan to be slammed at work, and refocus your priorities so the goal is survival, work ends up being "not too bad, considering..."

This hasn't been an ideal taper week, but it hasn't been the hell I anticipated either. I've left the office by 8-8:30 every night so far, and it looks like tonight will be similar. Far from the all-nighters I was fearing.

So, (apart from the knee I dinged mountain biking) there's no excuses this weekend!


Britt said...

Work til 8:30 - nasty. I'm glad I have a job where there is never any over time. That would kill me!

Hope you destroy it on the weekend!! :)

Aaron said...

I'm guessing you work in private practice? Engineering as a profession can be much the same.

The weekend looks like it will be warm. Looking out the window now at the bridge its a cracker of a day not even 9am.

Westy said...

Just go and Enjoy the race Kate... I want a big smile on your face between now and the end :-)

Phillip said...

I have a feeling you're going to kick some a**.

That is all.

Mike said...

Good Luck!