Sunday, March 28, 2010


My training has been incredibly patchy. All sorts of silly obstacles, like settling into the new routine, travelling, sickness, and life generally, are getting in the way. But I really feel like it will turn around soon!

We had a great weekend of chilling out in the tron, which has left me feeling settled, relaxed, and totally ready to rock the upcoming work week (before trekking to Welly for a fantastic Easter and a visit with my 23-week pregnant best friend!)

On Friday night, I enjoyed a glass of wine at our end of month drinks before rushing around the supermarket in order to get home before our guests arrived. Then it was home to slice veges, chop basil, grill eggplant for MYO pizzas, homebrew, riesling and (shame) Arkham Horror.

I managed to get most of the mess cleaned upon Saturday morning, before breaking out our wedding plates for the first time, and introducing to a typical Kate and Phil breakfast feast, with yoghurt, fruit, muesli, oats and a whole bunch of mixins- almond butter, chia seeds, LSA and cinnamon. After a few cups of coffee, we headed into the farmers market, for spinach and feta bread, blueberries, a huuuge bag of pears, and the best cinnamon rolls in the country.

We spent the afternoon at the cricket- enjoying the last of the summer sun, drinking icy cold beer, and munching our way through the picnic, and a round of frujus. After a thoroughly satisfying day of laziness, and a thrilling Kiwi hattrick, we headed to the new local pub for craft brews, chunky fries, and a platter of gourmet goodness while we watched the sun set. I loved seeing Cambridge and Hamilton from our guests’ point of view; suddenly it didn’t seem so bad!

This morning, we slept in decadently late, before I headed to the lake for my first multisport kayak lesson. I’ve done plenty of relaxed sea kayaking, but this was my first, quiet, baby step towards a shift to multisport and maybe doing the Coast to Coast one day… The lesson was great- getting the balance of the tippier multisport boat was a challenge, and getting the wing paddle stroke just right gave me a great core workout!

We spent the afternoon lounging with the cricket on in the background. I prepped some cross examination for the three-week trial I have starting in 2 weeks, and finished reading my novel, which I’ve now discovered has two sequels (yay).

Then we headed out on what became a super fun hilly ride around the Te Miro loop. I am loving riding in Cambridge and right now, when swimming is hard to fit in and running is all kinds of painful, I love that cycling is giving me something to cling on to. My fitness has suffered, but my cycling skills and endurance are still there- I was stoked to be able to ride non-stop for two and a half hours (no traffic lights in Cambridge...), and to keep going and finish strong even though my legs were tired from the beginning! Yes, I'm slow, but I'm a mile ahead of where I was this time last year, and I can't wait to get even better!


Mike said...

Does your trial start Monday or are you already 'in it'? Good luck whatever.

You've got me worried now Kate :( What stories have you heard about NZ pace teams?

Kate said...

Starts Monday :)

Haven't HEARD anything, but have had a few rubbish experiences myself. Read my race report for the Auckland marathon (also wasn't impressed at '06 Wgtn half- but wasn't blogging then)