Sunday, July 25, 2010

A (very good) weekend in the life: Saturday

The alarm was set for 7:30am so we could get a good "long" run in. I was feeling pretty groggy, despite a pretty name (and totally booze-free) Friday night, but I eventually dragged myself up for breakfast: instant coffee and a yoghurt mash, with homemade applesauce, plain oats, a sprinkling of muesli and some naturlea.

We moved a bit slowly, and it was about 8:20 by the time we got going. And since our first house appointment (we're sort of looking, but not with a capital L) was at 10:30, I didn't quite have time to do the full Kairangi loop (about 15- fairly hilly- km). I did an out and back along the gorgeous country roads (for pictures, see here), finishing with 1:23 on the clock.

We visited two houses, then popped into the farmers market (for grapefruits, Cloudy Mountain cheese, a brioche to share and Vitality manuka honey), Rata cafe (for my flat white), the deli (for agave and parbaked Marlborough baguette), Simplifood (for looking only) and the supermarket (oats and more oats).

We returned home for lunch (totally indulgent- toasted baguette with cheese and salami) and some chores, before Phil drove me out to Karapiro for a training day for the World Rowing Champs volunteers. I'm a "Spectator Services Ambassador" and I think it's going to be pretty fantastic. The day was slow at times, but definitely inpsiring. Can't wait to be around when NZ dominates in November! I'm confident that it's going to be a pretty epic event- NZ's biggest international sporting event since 1990 (... guess it won't be holding that honour for long...) - so get in quick to get your tickets!

It was an absolutely stunning day in Cambridge, so I wandered towards home from Karapiro while Phil made his way out to pick me up. We had a brief afternoon tea at home, reading and doing some internetting, before getting prettied up for date night.

We spent a fair while trying to come up with the perfect place to eat. Where could we find good beer and wine, choose between tapas and good quality restaurant fare, and feel at home in jeans? Then it hit us: House on Hood. Simply the best place in Hamilton- even NZ? We chatted about life, the universe, the future and everything while Phil enjoyed a Yeastie Boys Pot Kettle Black and I indulged in a TW Chardonnay- one of the best wines I've ever had. Then we ordered dinner- a lovely tapas plate of chorizo, peas and feta to start followed by beef (eye fillet cooked blue, oxtail lasagne and chunky fries) for Phil and lamb (with potato and tomatoes- lovely but a bit boring) for me. We may have also ordered more drinks- Phil had a Brew Moon and I stuck with the TW.. Yum!

We'd had enough fun for one night (facebook was right when it said I act 82...) so we headed home to watch Parenthood (the TV show, not the Steve Martin movie) and have an early night.

A boring, ordinary day but a perfect one. And the weekend just got boringly, ordinarily, better....


Pip said...

Be careful - that 'just looking' thing can turn into 'oh heck, we just bought a house' remarkably quickly. We've been in our 'oh heck' place for 7 years now!

Your weekend sounds great, and not too dissimilar from mine, 90 minutes of RPM (after a big night out at a Shapeshifter concert though), followed by a grannyish early night after I lost the battle to keep my eyes open, twelve hours of sleep then 10k along the Skyline track. Bliss!

Mike said...

That's the kind of life me and Jo are going to have when we're as old as you (FB 82) and the kids are at Uni. Enjoy it while you can! :)

Britt said...

Sounds like a lovely day :) Fresh bread makes me want to drool!

Andrew is getting fit said...

It sounds like life is pretty good to be honest!