Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hotpotato: Running

Last night I ran 5km without walking.  The first time since finding out I was pregnant.  I've "run" before, with varying degrees of success, but with a heart rate that sky rockets if I so much as think about running-running, tiredness that starts poking its head out after about 5 minutes, and the odd weird ache or pain (nothing worrying, just uncomfortable), I haven't done a whole lot.

So I was stoked last night when I headed out and after 5 minutes of plodding, my heart rate was still steady.  And at 10 minutes (a bit higher, but still steady, and still in my comfortable zone).  So I just kept plodding on (apart from a fountain stop) until I made it home.  And I was SUPER stoked when I mapped my run and it came out as 5km.  I know mapmyrun overestimates a bit, but it was still better than expected.

I know this won't necessarily stay the norm, but getting a bit of that RUNNING feeling again reminded me that I will be myself again, and that the fact that I've been tired for the past few weeks (and gained a small person in weight) doesn't mean I'm a fit-pregnancy failure.


Theresa said...

Even if you aren't able to run throughout your entire pregnancy I highly doubt you'll be a "fit pregnancy failure"! You just have to find what works for you as your body continues to change - and if that means lots of walk breaks or even walking the whole time, so be it! I think "fit pregnancy" means a lot more than running - your body will know what it needs/doesn't need to stay healthy throughout your 9 months...but it might take a while for your intense-athlete MIND to catch up to it!

HotpotatoKate said...

Thanks Theresa-  the fatigue early on made me feel like I couldn't do ANYTHING (a 20 minute walk seemed like too much), and even though I knew others went through that stage too, all I could focus on was me gaining too much weight, and other bloggers looking amazing and running 4 miles a day!