Saturday, February 17, 2007

The chubby kid- y'know, the one they always picked last.

I'm not the only runner out there (it's funny- I still struggle to adopt the title "triathlete") who used to be that kid. In reality, I wasn't often picked last, but that was only cos the teachers would number us off to avoid just that. But I have those same memories of school PE- of being the last on the court in a fun but sometimes cruel game called bench ball. Of the quiet and not so quiet groans of kids when I ended up in their teams. Of dropping balls and missing easy hits. I remember the year I came second in the standing long jump competition at school and got to represent the school at interschool athletics. My teacher, reading the list of names stopped when she came to me and said "Really?"

Anyway, I am pleased to report that I am now 100%-for certain-officially NOT THAT KID. In March we are started a cheesy team "wellness" challenge at work- wear a pedometer and monitor your non-ped exercise for a month or something. First day it was announced, someone asked me to be in their team. Second day, the people trying to put together a super competitive team asked me. Yesterday another person.

The wellness challenge should be fun. I'm not going to let myself change my core workout programme, but am using it to concrete some good incidental exercise habits- walking to (and from) work where possible (it's about 2.5mi, half down/up hill, half flat). Walking around the bays or in the gardens with friends at lunchtime. Taking the stairs. My training is not high volume enough at the moment to have a reason not to do those things, so I've been making an effort with them. If I could only fix my eating habits (this week has been a giant step forwards, but not giant enough!) I'd be looking toned and streamlined in no time!

Heading out for my long run now (with C, so it's not going to be on pace, sorry FIRST)- will post a workout/week update when I get back!


Steve S. said...

It's nice to feel wanted...

Jessica said...

You rock. I was that kid too. And I'm still amazed at what life is like when you're NOT that kid anymore.

I hope I never lose the memory of being that kid, and that I teach my kids right so they're both not that kid, but they behave kindly toward that kid.

Curly Su said...

I was SOO that kid. It feels great to overcome it, doesn't it?

JenC said...

I also was that kid. When we had our step challenge in July/August last year, everyone wanted to be on my team. I didn't realize until I read your post how truly cool that is. I will enjoy being the athletic freak now (still have no hand/eye coordination though). : ) Have fun!

Jodi said...

Add one more to the list of girls who was that kid!

I just started a healthy eating challenge too! Such a great way to get your habits in check.