Wednesday, February 20, 2008

How much can I say in 12 minutes?

OK, so I promised myself and my fitday a run tonight (plus, I want to play with my Nike +... yay new toy) but I want to post too. So I have twelve minutes. Eleven now!

First, bootcamp: Rocks. I love it and I'm really going to miss it. Monday was stair sprints. Ow! By far and away the hardest thing we've ever done. Today was Mt Vic again- running an undulating circuit including two decent sets of stairs. I started off further back than I wanted to, and spent the next half hour trying to catch up to the fitties in the front. It took the whole time, but I did it- just. Unfortunately, my punishment was being grouped with the fast kids for our hill sprints (which is fair enough) and told to do four. FOUR! Ow! By the time we were done I was completely pooped but felt SO strong. By the end of each session my endurance is really showing, but it's making less and less of a difference as everyone else gets fitter.

Secondly, my next races: The Kapiti Womens Tri on 2 March. Now I have a hens night to organise the night before, and I'm not letting my bride down by piking on her, so I don't hold out much hope for my performance, but should be fun, I hope.
More excitingly, today I entered my first proper offroad race. It's a loop of Lake Rotoiti in Nelson with a bunch of Scottish and related folks, hopefully staying in my family's bach (Mum's parents and sister...) I'm SO amped to get into training (although it's a 100% For Fun race), and I'm glad I'll have this to look forward to after bootcamp. Morning commutes for backpack practice, hilly afternoons and offroad weekends... But I'll keep up with the swimming. Oh yeah, and the cycling (ugh).

My minutes are up- gotta dash :-)


Wes said...

Excellent 12 minutes :-) Doing a tri for fun sounds like a blast!!

GP said...

Ooh, off-road races. I think I'm too much a clutz for one of those, but I'm eager to read about your experience.

And have fun with Nike+... I think it's the reason I made it through my first several months of running. Look at me now (at what?)!

Jess said...

I am way jealous that you are so into this. I would want to die. Just hearing about the existence of stair sprints makes me want to die. Good for you.

Rachel said...

That's efficiency! Keep up the awesome workouts.

SUB6 said...

I love my Nike+ thingymajig. Not the most accurate thing in the world but a whole load of fun :)