Monday, February 25, 2008

Go Granddad!

So, I'm feeling a bit tired and sorry for myself today. My legs aren't sore, apart from the stingy sunburn (in the RAIN, people... the RAIN!!)

Why am I sore? Because yesterday I climbed a mountain. And why did I climb a mountain? To celebrate my grandfather's 80th birthday. And yes- despite the pouring rain (a menace for the glasses, and muddier of the track), my dear and wonderful Granddad climbed right to the top, and right back down again.'

Something to aspire to, I think.


SUB6 said...

Happy 80th Birthday Kate's Granddad!

Wes said... :-) Best wishes to Granddad!!

Jess said...

Happy birthday to your granddad! And way to go on climbing the mountain, despite the resulting soreness.

JenC said...

Very cool! My grandpa is 84 and would never be able to climb a mountain.

Steve Stenzel said...

Go Granddad!!!!