Tuesday, May 06, 2008

...a bicycle built for two

No, we haven't bought a tandem..I think I'd like to get married before death (or divorce) doth us part!

I'm looking for advice/support from other tri-couples out there (and the rest of you). I've been a mega brat recently, as I (try to) deal with my weight gain/slowdown at the same time as P's transformation from casual indoor football player to buff and super speedy tri-geek. I'm jealous that he's swimming 100m as fast as I am, and burning the pavement with 3k time trials in 11 minutes. And that he can trip up hills like a wee mountain goat while I struggle along behind like an oafish heffalump. I know his success does not equate my failure, and that I should be inspired, not deflated, but I'm not quite there yet.

Am I the only brat out there? Does anyone have any tips for how to get my mind (and my behind) into gear?


Anonymous said...

Oh heck - you are so not alone - that sounds like our problem!

I started in this sport to lose weight. When I decided a new bike was in order, hubby got my old one. I had blamed the bike for all my shortcomings in cycling, but apparently it wasn't that at all - IT WAS ME. This became oh so obvious when HE started cycling!

Then HE started running; and swimming; and entered a sprint tri; and kicked my butt; and cycled around Lake Taupo just about twice as fast as I did!!!!


It makes me ooooooohhhhhh so grumpy that I started this first, and HE came along and made it look easy, while I still huff & puff my way through everything.

I have no answers - but I have told HIM, HE is allowed to do the Half Ironman in Rotorua, but after that - HE STOPS!!! Ironman was MINE and mine alone, and HE is NOT DOING IT and stealing my thunder!

Look forward to meeting you in Rotorua (if we all make it there without said divorce that is!).

Rachel said...

I totally understand your pain...I've been running for months and I've been building up. Then G decided to start walking and running with me, and he can already run faster and lap me quicker that I ever thought, and it sucks, because I've been working on it and building up and he can just do it like snapping his fingers.

Amy said...

About the other bike built for two... you can use the wedding bike image from my site. There are a few others out there but most are just so corny and kitchy.

SUB6 said...

One motivational tool might be to join us at www.buckeyeoutdoors.com

There's a Bloggers at Rotorua group that very supportively take the p!$$ out of each other's training ... or at least I think that's what we're supposed to do.

I can't imagine I'll be as fast as a fit Kate ... your speeds pre-Rotorua M were very impressive and motivational for me to try to match them.

You can bring back the old Kate soon enough. Long time till Rotorua HI and M ...

Juls said...

Hi Kate,
As Sub 6 said, come join the fun at www.buckeyeoutdoors.com We're the Bloggers at Rotorua 08 group.

I had the same problem with BP at hockey. I'd been playing for about 20 years, then he decides to start playing - he had plenty of advice for me GRRRR!!! He's since retired, and I'm still playing!

Fortunately, he can't understand why I'm doing all this running,cycling and swimming, so hasn't joined me. Although he does feel sorry for me that I'm not looking as trim as many triathletes - YET!

Marni said...

I love your blog! I was checking out your previous posts :) congrats on the engagement!!
well, as an engaged triathlete about to marry a cyclist, I guess I have a similar situation. However, we are both SUPER passionate about our sports. They way I see it is that I train for tri's and he has his sport (he mentioned maybe one day he will do an Ironman so for now we are atleast in different sports). We both train our bodies for our own personal goals. Don't worry if he is faster because I'm sure he is enjoying the trianing just as much as you are. As far as eating, just let him know that you trying to train your body and that requires the right fuel. men and women can eat the same food (if he is eating a food that you are avoiding, re-evaluate the health benefits of the food if it is should really be in the house) but in different quantities. The best part about our relationship is that neither of us demand time together. We love the time we spend together and we enjoy coming home from hard training and just relaxing. I think it is great when two people in a relationship are training because it would never be fair for someone to say to the other that they are training to much. The only situation that my fiance and I have is that I am an outgoing, talkative person come race week and even on race day. He is complete opposite. Therefore, we need to understand how each other prepares for a race and it is important to always support one another. Hope this helps!! I'll keep reading the blog :)