Monday, July 06, 2009

Car v cyclist

I was surprised to see that more than a quarter of bike/car accidents are caused by the cyclist.

Obviously the fact that 73% are caused by motorists is far more significant, especially considering that inconvenience and maybe a dented door for a motorist probably means death or serious disability for the cyclist. But still- 27% is quite a few.

Please, be careful out there.


rauparaha said...

Given that most cyclists don't seem to think road rules apply to them, I'm surprised that few are caused by cyclists. I'd speculate that there's a systematic difference in severity of accidents caused by cars vs cyclists. Most caused by cyclists are more minor and go unreported, perhaps.

Kate said...

I agree re: systematic difference, but am surprised by your first sentence- my experience of cyclists must be very different to yours!

Britt said...

I have almost been hit by several cars..cycling is by far the most dangerous sport I've partaken in (and I played rugby!)

Aaron said...

A work colleague of mine was "doored" by a car about a year ago and spent a few weeks in a coma. He still has problems with short-term memory.

Most cyclists I know (including myself) respect road rules. I have noticed that some cycle couriers break the rules and give everyone else a bad name.

Agree need to be really careful out there.