Sunday, July 19, 2009

Slow running resources

Since I'm still on my slow-running preaching, annoying the crap out of everybody, kick, I thought I'd provide some links:

First- watch the Lazy Marathon Runner experiment with Maffetone here.

Mark Allen says it here (I particularly like that his "mile" paces are worryingly like my "km" paces ;))

Dr Maffetone himself

..and I'll re-post the Jack Daniels vdot calculator again.

In slow running news, I borrowed the husband's HRM for my run this evening, to make sure I haven't been kidding myself. I did about 4k in 24 minutes, with an average HR of 145. I'm a bit tired after a big work week, so I expected a little creep-up, and I think this suggests I'm about right. Looking forward to continuing this experiment throughout the week. Not that I'm a geek or anything!


Pip said...

I think of you now every time I head out on a long run. Last week's 25km was conducted at a 6min pace, and you were in my head telling me I was going waaayyyyyy tooo fast!

Speaking of, what's your running schedule like this week?

Pip said...

Huh - as if to prove that, I entered in the 1.57 half marathon time I ran in training that time and came up with a 6.48 pace for my long runs. Oops.

Kate said...

Haha. It's sort of depressing really! Though I think you could give yourself credit for a slightly faster half-M than 1:57, even though you haven't had that ideal race yet. For example, a 24 minute 5k, which you're well capable of, gives you 6:19, which sounds less hideous!

This week I have an hour easy tomorrow (which I may be doing with a friend), aerobic intervals on Tuesday, and easy runs (30 and 40) on Weds and Thurs... Keen? My timetable's a bit of a mess, so is subject to last minute changes, but have been squeezing my runs in most days..

Rachel Harris said...

We bought a new book last night, "Breakthrough Triathlon Training" by Brad Kearns, and it talks all about aerobic training vs speedwork, and why slower aerobic training is the way to go. We figured it would save Paul from having to answer all our 'why?' questions!! Well worth a read. :-)

Westy said...

Nice stuff Kate, the Stuff by Allen and Maffetome is gold dust.
Even Rachel is getting the slow running thing.
I can't believe people still subscribe to the run as hard as you can all the time method of training and continue to get injured and show only sporadic improvements and more often get worse eventually.

Rachel Harris said...

Yeah yeah, it's taken me a while Paul. ;-) Allen and Maffetome are quoted a lot in the book we got. I like the example given for Peter Snell, that his 800m record still stands today (some 40 years on), after having trained under Arthur Lydiard and his aerobic training methods. And yet today's trend is towards high intensity training - so why hasn't anyone smashed the record?? Something obviously was working 40 years ago!

Andrew is getting fit said...

I love the low heart rate slow running stuff myself!