Monday, August 17, 2009

Feeling like a triathlete again!

Last week, I swam, biked and ran for the first time in a month or so.

The volume wasn't high (finished with 8:17 in the bank), and the intensity was loooow, but it was great to get up early, train consistently and to feel like a triathlete again!

So, here's a rundown:

M 55min swim @ squad (first swim in yonks!) Not bad, not good
T 15k run after work (Mission Bay and back). Wonderful, until my tummy let me down 2k from home.
W Rest
T 55min ride before work. Delightful (see below)
F 1:25 @ squad. 3k, including many many 50s. Not quite where I'd like to be on the short stuff, but felt like myself in the water again.
S Hungover. Managed to get myself out of the house at 4pm for my 60min run 'round the burbs. Went fast down Old Mill Rd, and then realised I was running at about the speed a (female) pro-triathlete runs a 10k in a tri.... Sad.
S 2:30 ride around the bays, then explored back through various suburbs (broadly I think I went Remuera, Cornwall Park, Mt Roskill, Mt Albert, Pt Chev, home...) Not the most pleasant ride, with lots of traffic and hills. Really took it out of me, which I suppose shouldn't really surprise me, as it's my longest ride in awhile, apart from Okoroire.

Also, a question: should I do the Sri Chimoy half on Sept 13th or The Legend on the 19th? Am worried that doing a hard half won't help me feel redeemed after Taupo, but on the other hand, have been keen on doing the legend (even if it's only the half) since it started!


Aaron said...

Nice but not too sure about running on a hangover. Did it work as a cure? :)

Britt said...

Ugh, running with a hangover would have killed me! Woohoo for being back in the water :)

Rachel said...

Running out a hangover is the best cure! Nice job on the training!

skinny latte said...

Wow Kate, you're so inspiring! Running with a hangover is tough! (I did it last week!)

If you're more keen on doing the Legend, I say do the Legend!

I'm doing my first half marathon on Sunday and was very nervous but after running 12.23 miles last night I really think I can do it now :D I've been reading through your archives for inspiration! One question, do you have any advice on tapering? I'm wondering whether complete rest between now and Sunday is best with just yoga and a swim, or should I still do a few light slow runs?

Thanks for inspiring me! Hope your training continues to go well! x Phil

Andrew is getting fit said...

Running with a hangover sounds like not much fun!