Monday, December 14, 2009

5 days!

I can't believe there's just 5 days to go.

It seems like forever ago that I moved up here, started training with Paul's plans, found myself a good local running route, and tackled the Waitakeres (...and the Auckland traffic) by myself for the first time...

Since then, I've:

  • done nearly 300 hours of training ( that's where my bonus went....)
  • burned 180,000 calories, an average of 714 per day (this is according to buckeye.. which lies)
  • completed 267 workouts, at an average of 1.06 sessions per day
  • improved my average aerobic run speed from around 6:20/km in April to around 5:50/km now
  • learned to ride aero!
  • swum the equivalent of the Lake Taupo Challenge
  • covered the length of New Zealand by bike, and made it back up to Christchurch on the (virtual) return trip
  • lost 2.5-3 or so kilos
  • run three half marathons, done two standard distance triathlons, 3 open water swims, one fun ride, one offroad starlight run, and one duathlon

I'm pretty stoked with how this year has been, with fun and fantastic training, and solid, if not spectacular, race performances, and we had a bloody brilliant weekend to round off our "real" training.

I rode well on both Saturday and Sunday, and Phil even commented on how much better I was keeping up with him on the way out to Titirangi yesterday. I averaged 5:00/ks off the bike on Saturday, even including our cooldown (I'll be honest, it was HARD). We had an uncomfortable but OK open water swim on Saturday, and a stunning wetsuited pool swim in the Parnell Baths on Sunday.

I'm ready, Rotorua. Bring it.


Britt said...

You're an all star! Kick butt girl!

(That's a crazy amount of km's and cals!)

Aaron said...

That's a lot of training...
I feel like a sloth in comparison!

All the best for the big race :)

Mike said...

5 sleeps! Eeeeek!!!

Great data :)

JenC said...

Good luck, have fun and kick butt!! I'm routing for you north of the equator!

Westy said...

You've dine amazing Kate...!
I'm very proud :-)
Have an awesome race... will be thinking about you!

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