Friday, December 25, 2009

Hot Potato's Grand Adventures

Thursday, December 24, 2009
Hot Potato's Grand Adventures
After Saturday's half ironman, we spent a cruisy morning in Rotovegas, eating curry for morning tea (as you do...) and picnicking with Jenn and Damian at Redwoods(if you thought it was windy at Tikitapu on Saturday, you should have seen Sunday!!!)

Then we drove to Cambridge, where we unpacked the tri-stuff from the car, before driving back up to Auckland, for a romantic, goodbye Jaffa-land, dinner at Non Solo Pizza in Parnell. On Monday I spent the morning at work, tidying the office and sorting 5 years' worth of sent emails, while Phil started packing, and ran some errands. Then we packed up our whole apartment into the back of the station wagon ( was furnished, so very little furniture), cleaned it al out, and drove back to Cambridge on Tuesday morning, running a few painful pre-Xmas and pre-travel errands on the way. We unloaded the car at Phil's (patient) parents' place, packed up his travelling suitcase, and drove back to Auckland, all the while trying to sort things out with the landlord and carpet cleaners. We arrived in the early evening, had drinks and dinner with Phil's sister, then spent a final, sheetless night in the apartment, before leaving for good at 6:30 on Wednesday morning.

Now we're 2 days into 5 weeks of travel, sitting in Incheon Airport (Seoul), enjoying yet another random Cornfield Christmas. From here, it's London, Bled, Ljubljana, Munich, Brussels, Antwerp, Bruges, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Barcelona, and London again! So posting, and training, will be sporadic, but I'l see you again in 2010 for volume three, Hotpotato: Taking on The Tron.

Merry Christmas, and happy training!


Brittney said...

I randomly found this through 20SB but I heart it! My best friend is the same way (reading your latest post on your girlie blog) -- she's a hardcore marathon runner but also loves girlie things and is still learning how to blog both!

skinny latte said...

How exciting!! Have an amazing time on your travels xx

Chickie Little said...

Whoa busy holidays.
Jealous about your travels! HOpe to see some photos soon.