Wednesday, February 03, 2010


We're settling in in Cambridge, staying at Phil's parents' place until our ghastly subdivision house becomes available next weekend. I'm not starting work until Monday, so I've been spending my days with my friend from Welly who's also just moved up, swimming, walking the dogs, drinking flat whites and generally enjoying the Waikato summer, while trying to take care of the list. So, here's how it's all going...

# Enter Rotovegas Triwoman Tri Yay! Racing here I come
# Start training again. Properly...I'm swimming with a friend, cycling for transport, and riding a bit with Phil. But "properly" isn't quite the word.
# Lose Belgian-beer and frites and Danish pastry pudge once and for all
# Find a home (..yup, kinda a priority) It's in a ghastly subdivision, and it's brick, but it's clean and sunny, and it's got all we need. And it's ours from next week, and it's certain, and that's what counts
# Think about goals for 2010 race season
# Email coach
# Get every piece of work clothing dry cleaned
# Get hair cut, lashes dyed and brows shaped (well, appointments have been made...)
# Confirm start time with new employer
# Plan sister's hen's night
# Hit up the Whakarewarewa trails
# Celebrate 28th birthday (..really, this is on Phil's to do list!)
# Find a home (did I say that already??)
# Upload Europe, Parts III, IV and V to facebook
# Arrange flights for stepfather's birthday
#NEW: Arrange driving lessons
#NEW: Unearth hairdryer and straightener


Rachel Harris said...

What do you mean "Arrange driving lessons"? Do you not have your licence?? Wow, what an oddity! ;-)

Hear you on the "ghastly subdivision". Yuck, I hate subdivisions. Sorry, welcome to your new home. :-)

Great progress!

Andrew is getting fit said...

Busy busy busy!

Tri Saint said...

Looks like your making progress on the list.

Welcome back !!

Hope your going to enjoy life in the TRON. Atleast you'll be together.

Good luck on the driving.