Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Triwoman Race Report: Second the best!

Swim: 300m
Cruisy swim along the shore. Hard to follow a good line, and ended up in the shallows, surrounded by people walking, halfway through. Love swimming without a wetsuit on!

Swim + T1 time: 7:23 (T1 was quite long)

Bike: 10km
I used Phil's power meter for the 10k bike along to Buried Village and back. Average power was pretty pathetic (155), but we expect normalised power to be higher, given the undulating course. Passed lots of ladies from earlier waves, and noticed that most of those in front looked like duathletes, who'd started 5 minutes earlier. Calling the ride "flat" is a bit misleading- there was one climb (2 minutes or so) that I needed to use my low gears for. Missed out on my 30km/h goal by a fair margin, averaging about 28.5, but I only got overtaken by one lady, and I knew I'd bring her in on the run.

Bike + T2 time: 23:17

Run: 3km
My pace was about 4:46/k as I exited transition and started trying to catch the woman in front of me. It slowed a lot as I reached the climbs, and it took a lot to bring it back to 5:00/k (on the Garmin; 4:55/k officially...) I got passed by one speedster, and never did catch the girl in front of me, but I stayed near them both the whole way, and we all crossed the finish line within 30-odd seconds of each other.

Run time: 14:43

Overall time: 45:23

I'm painfully slow right now, but I had a great time. It was great to be able to pass people, and actually *race*, instead of lurking at the back, watching dudes in aero helmets lapping me.

Best of all, once the final results came out, it turned out that I'd placed second overall. Sweetbix!


Mike said...

Nice! A podium place! I'd kill for a podium place :) I really must get back into this triathlon lark! ;)

Britt said...

Awesome! I can't say I know what it's like to pass people rather than be passed, but I bet it felt fantastic!

Andrew is getting fit said...

Second when you are slow! That's awesome.

Krista said...

Great job!! Passing people sounds fun :) I hope I can try it too sometime ;)

Anonymous said...

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