Saturday, May 22, 2010

An easy ride

Today's ride was bliss. Because I'm "racing" tomorrow, coach allowed me an easy run or ride, so instead of riding any of our usual hilly loops (Kairangi, Te Miro/French Pass or Maungatautari) we cruised through Cambridge for an out and back towards Te Miro.

The weather was just perfect- clear, sunny and pretty still, and just crisp enough to put our knee and arm warmers on. After 45 minutes, we'd just started to hit the hills, but they were still nice spinny ones and although they screwed our average "out" pace, pedaling fast and hard on the downhill on the way back well made up for it :)

Anyway, there's no great story in this. It was just nice to do an easy ride for a change, and to come back with a semi-respectable average speed for a change too! It was a nice reminder that our shared love of hills mean the routes we usually ride are actually not that easy, and that I'm not quite as slow as I think I am.

Stay tuned for:
  • a "race" report; and
  • my very first guest post
Happy weekend everyone!

PS: I've added some "Pages" at the top of the blog. If you're new or just curious, have a look!


Mike said...

Love the 'pages' at the top. Great idea :)

Mike said...

Good Luck tomorrow! :)

Britt said...

Have fun tomorrow!!