Thursday, May 13, 2010

MaxWell Overture

Hey-ho, do you know
That mountain biking is really neat
A day in the trails is such a treat
Away from it all, you’ll have a ball
And just pray you don’t have a fall….

A little shaky on A-trail
then Tickler was an epic fail
gripped handlebars til my knuckles were pale
then up and up at the pace of a snail

from frontal lobotomy we had to get down
so we hucked our way down Huckleberry Hound
my love for rollovers was newfound
and adrenaline rushed as we rode around…

Corners with its sweeping berms
and rutted, rooty, crazy turns
I swooped and whooped into the ferns
and up the climbs, I felt the burn

We split for the next half an hour
cos D decided to devour
Chop Suey, Spring Roll, and Sweet and Sour
while I stuck to the roads (because I am slower)

Then it was time to end our ride
Our spouses were waiting and our legs were fried
So after Dragon’s Tail, we turned and sighed
And rode back to base bursting with pride!

But of course we could not go away
without coming out for another play
so we went back for more the very next day
for more adventures- hip hip hooray!

PS: not the original post, I couldn't face writing that novel again!
PPS: I hope you can figure out the tune for this, leave a comment or email me if you want a hint!

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Phillip said...

This is rad. Very, very rad =)