Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Spring in my step

Spring is coming to the Waikato, and I'm loving it!

My renewed sense of focus is paying off, and I'm feeling better, happier and more like me. I haven't been 100% on the morning workouts, but I'm getting there, and they're slowly starting to feel normal before 6am again!

Part of Coach Paul's new plan for me is upping the running again. I'm running 4(+) times a week, and my long runs are increasing to 2:00 this weekend. After a tanty last week, I've been going GPS-less for my morning runs, so I'm focussing only on HR and having a good time. It's working, and I don't think knowing just how slow I am when I stagger out of the house at 5:30am is of any benefit whatsoever. I'm still using the GPS for my afternoon runs, as I'm a total type A, and I was stoked to run 13.5km at a comfortably aerobic pace of 5:59/km in Napier over the weekend. It's the first time in a good few weeks that I've run sub 6:00/pace at E1. I attributed it to the sea air, but I'm feeling generally bloody good, and I've been feeling normal again during all of my runs. It helps that the weather's improving, but I also think increasing my running is going to be good for me.

I'm also settling back into swimming. I definitely look forward to heading to the pool after a day at work- and, hey, I can get through any swim workout if I've got a nice hot spa to look forward to!

We're in Wellington this weekend, and I'm planning some big runs- can't wait to conquer some hills!


Theresa @ActiveEggplant said...

Yay for a new spring in your step! Great to hear that your runs are going better mentally for you!

By the way - I've been meaning to tell you that those swimming tips you gave me are WORKING! I can successfully breathe just to the left now! (And can even alternate sides for a couple laps!) Thanks SO much!!!

Westy said...

Ah I love a Spa after a swim... defo a good motivator and feels soooo good!
Glad to see you are gaining in some fitness... just good steady, consistent training is the main thing kate... don't worry too much about pace or HR... just get out there and run... 'move as fast as you can without straining'