Sunday, September 05, 2010

A long run!

I have so many posts started, but no energy/time to finish them, so here's a story about my "long" run this morning instead....

Today I had 2:00 scheduled- my longest (in duration) run since Rotorua '09, and my longest (in distance) training run since goodness knows when!

My dear husband found me an iconic 'Tron training route last night, and he was even kind enough to drive it with me this morning. Though even THAT didn't stop me doing some creative navigation and adding 2.5km to my route! I was off and running by about 9:45, and P headed out to the farmers' market in town.

I stopped about 1km in to buy some fuel for my run- a Cadbury brunch bar (they're not too bad, despite the brand name and chocolate base) and ten wine gums- then got on my way.

The run takes you out past the subdivisions, through the lifestyle blocks, and out into the country proper. It's pretty much rolling the whole way- flat for maybe 2km or so!

I love country running, but it does take a bit of getting used to! First, there's the fact that you're ALWAYS running- after that early stop, it was all running, all the time. No pansying around at crossings, no loo breaks, no water fountains. Great for the ol' endurance, but- as I've said before- very different to town running. Secondly, there's the footpath (or lack thereof) factor. It sounds simple- run on the right side of the road, facing the traffic coming towards you. But sometimes it's safer to be on the wrong side, particularly on (some) blind corners. So there's a lot of crossing from one side to the other and back again, all the while looking out for hooning utes... Then there's the camber. I always seemed to be on a slight lean- not awesome for my poor feet (in their way-too-old shoes). Lastly, there're the animals. Great when it's cute ickle lambies and calves frolicking in the fields. Less great when it's stray cows, or barky farm dogs.

I am very satisfied with today's run. My pace was slow, but the same sort of slow as my weekday morning runs. I started feeling stiff after a solid running week and a good 2.5 hour ride yesterday, but my average pace only improved over the remaining 1:45. 50 minutes flew by like *that* and next thing I knew it was 1:15 and I was still feeling good. I found it easy enough to (sort of) control my HR on the climbs- it was drifting up to 155-160, but I could keep it from going any further. I easily had enough in the engine at 2:00 to keep going while I looked out for Phil, and I managed to really push the last few steep climbs.

Frequent running has been fantastic for me- it's not hurting my cycling, and I'm feeling a million dollars. My endurance is there (yesterday's 2.5 hour hilly ride felt quick n easy), my strength is on the way- it's just the speed that's outstanding, and with summer, increased training, and healthier eating, I hope that will come soon (it better... Karapiro is discomfitingly soon....)


Pip said...

Your run sounds like it was so much fun. I know what you mean about not having water or intersection stops. Last Sunday during my round-the-block run (down to Island Bay and back up Happy Valley) I was really wishing I had a good excuse to just stand still for a few minutes!

I am hanging out for some country routes. After my Bays ride and 7k shuffle yesterday I was feeling sooo lazy today. My legs weren't stiff, just heavy. With the wind howling outside and all my running tights and bras wet on the drying rack (duh) it was all too easy to talk myself out of the scheduled 80 minutes. It's the first workout I've missed though, so I doubt it will halt my progress! May even be good for me ...

Mike said...

10 weeks! eeeek!!!

Westy said...

Glad to hear things are coming on well... good on ya for sticking to it. As you said the race season soon sneaks up on us :-)

Lisa (bakebikeblog) said...

What a wonderful run!
And thankyou for your comments re my training for the HIM! I will definietly send you an email if I have any training Qs :)