Friday, November 12, 2010

Karapiro: pre race thoughts

I don’t think this is going to be a fast race- the swim is easy, but also easy to screw up, the ride is bumpy and hilly and windy, and the run is un-flat and potentially hot. The times from last year make it look like a fast course- but that’s because the ride was around 5km short, and the run was another 1-2km off (…please feel free to correct those numbers Paul and Mike!), and this year they’ve added bits on to make sure we do our full 90 and our full 21.1.

It’s also likely to be a lonely race. Last year, there were 15 individual female entrants (and another 10-11 female teams). There were 144 entries in all, including teams. The slowest individual competitor did 6:31 and, as far as the ladies are concerned, there’s a massive gap between 12th place (5:42) and 13th (6:27). Basically, not a lot of depth full stop at the back of the field. This year there are about 150 entries, and I think it seems likely that the demographics will be about the same too (though I expect there will be fewer elite rower types!)

But it’s also going to be a fun race: swimming down the world rowing champs course to Lake Karapiro is something pretty damn neat. From the burning climbs to the familiar windy descents, the Maungatautari loop is undeniably a good ride. And finishing in central Cambridge on a Saturday afternoon will be fantastic (… even if it is a deserted ghost town by the time slow pokes like me are done…)

And it’s an opportunity to race a smart race- to practice swimming on feet, keeping a good consistent effort on the bike, staying aero for 3+ hours, and shutting up my CG on the run.

Since this is the beginning of my season, not the point of my season, I’m feeling less goal oriented than usual. My swimming has been rubbish, my cycling’s coming along, but I’m still useless, so all I can really count on is my run. Of course I’d love to smack my dream goals out of the water, and I’m hoping not to be too much slower than I was in my first Rotorua, but I’m not counting on anything. My guess is that I’ll be done somewhere between 6:20 to 6:30 (45ish swim + T1, 3:20-3:30 bike at 2:00-2:10ish run). Anything below that will be a bonus, and anything above that will hopefully be a lesson learned, or a challenge faced!


Rachel Harris said...

Funny, I hadn't long looked up the results from last year and thought "That looks like a nice fast course!" Oh! Still, it's a great distance, not too long, not too short, and I have great faith that you'll do justice to it! Have a great day. :-)

Kate said...

It seems like it should be, but the ride is just taxing- never much of a chance just to cruise/hammer it out, and the roads are shite. Our rider Paul (who's quite handy) took 2:50 last year (on the shortened version- so would have been more like 3:00/3:05 for the full 90).

Mike said...

I thought the run last year was a litle long to be honest ;) .... only time I'll break 1:40 in a halfM :)

Seems like a great race so early in the season just to have 'race exucution' as the goal. Would love to be joining you and Phil ... maybe I''ll be there next year.

btw ... are you really gonna want to do the adventure ride 1 week after this race???

Mike said...

... and another thing ... I found the hills on the run to be killers ... it might have been due to the fact that I presumed the run was flat but the climb coming back on each loop was not fun. Enjoy!!! :)

Kate said...

@Mike- we gotta do what the coach says! If he says adventure, we adventure.

Seriously though- I think we'll be fine. We have a complete rest on Sunday and it'll be a cruisy(ish) week leading up to the ride. Lots of sugary drink and chamois cream and we'll be sweet.

Course has changed to two laps, but the hill will still hurt!

Casie said...

You're so hard on yourself. Think positive thoughts throughout the race ok???

Enjoy it out there.

Westy said...

Have a great day Kate...
And you´ll love the Adventure ride... your legs may be a bit tired but that´s all part of the long term plan ;0)
Adventure ride is about exploring for a good few hours going as slow or occasionally as fast as you want... stopping as much as you want... having lunch etc... just enjoying the Day but STILL having a training benefit :0)

JenC said...

Good luck Kate!

Theresa @ActiveEggplant said...

Have fun!!

Tri Saint said...

By the time you read this the race will have been done & dusted. Hope it all went well.

Yes the bike ride was about 5 km short last year & it's great to know that you think I'm handy on a bike .LOL

Where is the adventure taking you guys this time.

Hope to catch up with you guys sometime soon.