Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Another mini tri; another mini race report

Swim: Crap again. I was all over the place. Caught up to Phil right at the end, again.

Awesome. Stayed a lot closer to the people who passed me (...and yes, they still did pass me) and felt fantastic. Rolled into T2 in 32:30- so close to the elusive 30km/h!- which is 2 mins faster than my good ride in the first race of the season and 4 mins faster than my shite ride two weeks ago. Average cadence ranged from 79 to 90 rpm (there are some good descents and some middle sized climbs).

OK. Felt great, but couldn't pick up the pace. Felt the same way I did last year in Tinman- like I couldn't go up a gear. In fact, I found myself actually doing shifting gestures with my right hand... Oops. Pace was between 4:50ish and 5:10ish (on the big hill at the end)- average probably just over 5:00. Poop! AHR for bike and run was 172- fairly consistent across the two disciplines.

I still came second to last, but this time I didn't feel like I deserved it. Thoroughly enjoyed myself, and have been reminded how much I enjoy swimming, biking and running- looking forward to Saturday (...well, with a grain of trepidation).


Westy said...

Nice work Kate... should prepare you well for the weekend.
For a better swim... make sure you know where you´re going before you get in the water. Get into the water 10 - 15 mins before the start... warm up swim 5-10 mins including some fast 30s bursts.
Then with a few mins to go position yourself in a good spot where you won´t get bashed but also where you won´t get stopped by slower swimmers. To the sides of the group but towards the front. Start strong forst 100m then look for a group / swimmer to get behind... let them do the work, simple... ;0)

Mike said...

You should have used your left hand ... gearstick is on the left ;)

I envy the availabilty of your local mini-tris.

Good Luck for Saturday.