Sunday, February 27, 2011

A couple of weeks of training

Two weeks today since the New Plymouth Half, and the reduced training load has been very welcome.  We've enjoyed a bit more relaxation time, had a great weekend in Wellington without too much worry about getting our training in (we did a hilly 10k run and a hungover 1:30 walk on Welly's crazy array of offroad walkways) and I think we're feeling a bit more normal again.

The lower hours have also allowed me to put more into organising Run for Christchurch.  It's taken off more quickly than I expected, and it seems there's something new to consider every couple of hours.  Phew! Phil and I will be in Wellington for the Contact Tri Event, so will meet up with Pip, Lucinda and others for our 5k.

We've still got some good training in (5 hours in week 1, 7 or so in week 2), though the swimming has been badly neglected, due to the pool changing its opening hours and our general laziness.  I've been quite tired and sluggish, and morning starts feel a world away, but we'll be getting back into it better this week.  I'm currently experimenting with recording in dailymile, rather than buckeye, but I'm not quite convinced. 

I lost my faithful Garmin at some point over NP Half weekend, so my times and distances are fairly approximate- I think it's good for me to have some time data-free, though really all I do is try to replicate the data whichever way I can! Today I rode using Phil's power tap.  I averaged 120 watts, with normalised power of 140.  It's pretty pathetic- but sort of made me feel better to see just how rubbish I am- at least I'll stop expecting more from myself!

Next up is the Wellington event in the Contact Tri Series, a flat but windy standard distance which doubles as the standard distance national champs.  Should be a good weekend- catching up with friends and family, and racing in stunning Welly!

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