Wednesday, February 02, 2011

January Stats

January was another funny month, as we combined training with racing and holidays. But by the looks of things, the extra time we had (thanks to holidays) outweighed the time we lost due to racing (taper and recovery), and we ended up about breaking even!

Here goes (deja vu, anyone?)

- Swim: 10:30 over 13 sessions (December 10:45)
- Bike: 22:50 over 17 sessions (including spin) (December 20:00)
- Run: 10 hours over 13 sessions (December 12:30)
- Total hours: 43:15 (December 43:15)
- Average daily hours: 1:23 (December 1:23)
- Average run pace/AHR: 9:35/mi / 152.42 (December 9:57/mi, 149.86)
- Total calories burned 27,086 or 873 per day (December 27,654)

One metric I've been quite interested in is my average run pace/average run HR. While it looks like January was an improvement, it was only an improvement on "Slow December" (Whangarei hills and Paihia paths). January was a little slower and higher HR'd than November, and I'm not quite sure why, but I blame the Port of Tauranga Half IM. While we did a Half in November too, we basically trained through it, whereas I had quite a break from running post Tga. Other than that, I suppose the heat is likely to be a factor, plus it's seemed (though I may be imagining things) that we've been doing more off the bike. In any event, I've been feeling fantastic on my recent runs, and that's what actually matters!

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Westy said...

Cool Kate... you'll learning the stats are all good... but only as a means to finding out how YOU work as an individual and getting in touch with your own body and feelings :-)