Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hot Potato Chip: Week 20

We have reached the first halfway point! It's the official one, even if not the "real" one.  There's another halfway point next week (halfway from theoretical conception to estimated due date) and yet another the week after (halfway from finding out to estimated due date). This week we stop measuring Chip from crown to rump and start measuring his or her complete length (currently a bloody long banana).
What we ate: On the whole, not enough, but what I did eat could have been worse.  An unusual problem for me- but basically, I was flat out from Monday to Thursday with Court, frantic drafting, and other work, and sadly, nutrition took a bit of a backseat.  I eat a healthy breakfast or two every day, and get plenty of veges in the bulk of my main meals, so I don't feel like I've let Chip down in any way- it just wouldn't be a great idea to continue along that path for much longer.  I did make up for it in the weekend, with lots and lots of mostly healthy food.  It was truly a weekend of the breadmaker, with a delicious wholemeal roast vege pizza on Saturday night, and a sweet, satisfying challah on Sunday.  The "dough" setting is a life changer.
How we moved:  In short, not much.  See busy in Court, above.
Tuesday- REST
Wednesday- REST (I miss the pool)
Thursday- 50 minute walk after work
Friday- 1 hour walk (to the supermarket and back)
Saturday- 8 km run (I was awesome, and "ran" 80% of the way.  Woo!)
Sunday- a good gym session, and a couple of 20 minute-ish walks.  Plus 45 minutes or so of sweaty garden work.
Monday- REST
Where we went: To Pirongia for the annual craft fair on Saturday.

What we wore: White shirt, black bottoms.  Over and over again.  Phil was a laundry and ironing hero.  Definitely a keeper.

What we bought/got given: Big bag of hand-me-down toys from a family friend.  Woot!
What changed:
  • Chip has GROWN.  I had masses of comments; from my old secretary saying "WOAH! Have you had a growth spurt??" when she saw me in the morning, to clients, opposing counsel, and opposing counsel's clients commenting and wishing me luck.  It's the first time everyone has happily assumed I'm pregnant with no worries about being wrong and offending me!
  • Along those lines, my ribs are well and truly gone.  They've been buried in flab for a long time, but I have a pretty broad rib cage so it's always stayed fairly prominent.  Now I can't even find it if I'm standing up.
  • Also probably as a consequence of Chip's growth spurt, sleeping is getting harder.  My pillow fortress is growing, and I'm struggling with backaches at night.
  • And finally (also a flow on from the growth spurt...), I'm pretty much 90-something percent sure that I'm feeling Chip moving about in there. It doesn't feel quite how I expected, but if you asked me to describe it, I think I'd say "it feels like something tiny punching my innards", so I suspect I'm right.   It wasn't quite the emotional, life-altering experience I'd been led to expect, partly because I'm still sort of thinking "was that? hmm, yep, pretty sure it was" every time.  But it's still neat, and is making it easier to face the countdown to our big scan on Friday.
What stayed the same: Still getting occasional days of morning sickness, but that's about it.

Exciting moments: Entering our second race- we'll be running as part of a team at Tinman!

(another no picture week- I missed my Tuesday gym sesh again... Maybe tomorrow!)


Lisa @ Bakebikeblog said...

how very exciting! I think I 'may' have felt a flutter or two this week, kinds like something tickling my insides....but perhaps I was imaging it lol

Mike Scott said...

Bet Phil's relieved you've identified him as a keeper :)

The whole baby moving in the stomach just freaks (or did freak) me out! Good luck with the second half :)

Casie said...

I love it when you can actually see the baby move as a ripple across the stomach. That's freaky! But really awesome too.

Hope work settles down a little this week so you can get eatin' and movin' like you want to.