Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hot Potato Chip: Week 21

Another half way point! We are now half way from (theoretical) conception to (estimated) birth. Woot! One more week, and we're truly halfway through.

What we ate: Chip has gotten to the squishing my insides stage, meaning my appetite is all outta whack. But I'm loving having salad veges and asparagus, and especially loving the beginning of strawberry season.

How we moved: Not enough. Again. I'm having trouble sleeping and have been exhausted. And lazy. The gym isn't air-conditioned enough for me, so it's not exactly tempting. Add a couple of days of emotional turmoil, and you have one lazy mama potato. A pissy swim on Wednesday, decent enough gym sesh on Thursday and a 5k walk on Sunday was it for me this week. Oh- and a 40 minute run that became a walk due to a soaring HR on Monday after I first drafted this :)

Where we went: To the pub to watch the Mighty ABs! (making it through the whole game which started at 9pm on a school night is no mean feat for preggo Kate)

What we wore: The white shirt, black bottoms combo got a workout again. I love Court, but was relieved to dump the white shirt in the wash on Thursday afternoon! I also got new maternity togs, which make me look like an oversized stripy something or other. I'm thinking of buying a plain black pair as well- for those times when I don't want to look like an oversized stripy something or other.

What we bought/got given: I bought Chip's first tiny outfit, and we made some serious progress on our decision list. No more purchases for now, but we're a darn sight closer to figuring out what we MIGHT buy, which is a step in the right direction.

What changed:

We saw Chip's bits!

I figured out I probably wasn't feeling Chip move- which was all but confirmed when I saw Chip wriggling all over the place at the 20 week scan, and punching and kicking me relentlessly, but was totally oblivious to it. Chip's placenta is right at the front of my body, so it may be that it's a while before I feel much more. Oh well!

What stayed the same: Still getting occasional days of morning sickness, but that's about it. Still figuring out how best to set up my pillow fortress every night.

Exciting moments: The 20 week scan, which confirmed that Chip is healthy and all major organs are present and correct and doing what they should. There was an "incidental finding" which, combined with googling and deciding I could read ultrasounds real good, sent me into a complete tailspin over the weekend, but I am now happy to rely on the medical profession who are unanimous that there is nothing to worry about.

And because you've been so patient, and because I was a good girl who made it to the gym this morning, some bump action:

(and 13 weeks, to compare)


Lisa @ Bakebikeblog said...

ooooh you look AMAZING!!!! We have our 20 week scan tomorrow and I cant wait!!!

HotpotatoKate said...

So exciting! I hope everything goes well and that there are no little niggles to freak you out! I loved seeing little Chip partying around in there, especially since I can't feel it. He/she was having a great time. I just have to remember that when freak-out Kate rears her ugly head.

Britt said...

Eee! Look at your preggo belly! :) Loving these updates!

TriSaraTops said...

You look adorable!  How did I miss you were preggers?!  Congrats! :)

HotpotatoKate said...

Thanks! I will be reading your archives when I need post partum inspiration :)

sarah (the SHU box) said...

YEAH -- love the bump!  what amazing growth!  i feel like i'm in a spurt now :)

Casie said...

Fully fledged pregnant bellie! I'm glad Chip is doing well in there.

runbakerace said...

You look amazing!!! I am all about building the pillow fortress too!  I have a cold this week so the pilows have me sleeping sitting up..ugh :(.  

Katie @ Legally Fit said...

You look great! Isn't feeling movement the greatest?