Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hot Potato Chip: Week 28 (nearly a week late)

What we ate: The return of nausea + the onset of summer meant the return of grain waves and orange juice, and a renewed love of iceblocks (I'm loathe to spend $2.80 on a glorified popsicle, but BOY those new ginger beer ice blocks are good!)
How we moved: Another full on week!
Tuesday: 30 minute walk
Wednesday: 40 minute swim
Thursday: 50 minute walk; preggy yoga
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 40 minute walk around the Mount
Sunday:  Tinman!
Monday:  Swim (35 minutes)
Where we went: Mount Maunganui for Tinman.  We stayed in a caravan at the Mount holiday park; a bit more run down than I'd expected, but it was wonderful falling asleep to the sound of the sea, and the couch-bed I slept on was surprisingly comfortable.
What we wore: It's more what we DIDN'T wear, which is the clothes I ordered online a couple of weeks ago. The sizing was all haywire, and I confess to having a bit of a meltdown when I discovered I had only one top I could wear!
What we bought/got given: A bassinet and boppy feeding pillow. There was a sale, OK!
What changed: Nausea and fatigue returned- they did tell me this would happen in the third trimester, but I wasn't expecting it to happen on day 1!  Fortunately, I haven't yet experienced a number of other third trimester complaints (knock wood), so I can't complain! 
What stayed the same: Everything else- but things feel like they're starting to happen (not in a labour sense, just in a stepping up the baby growing sense).
Exciting moments: Reaching the third trimester! And an old friend and colleague had her baby at 39 weeks- the number of ladies left between now and me is starting to dwindle!

What I miss: Clothes that fit!


Lisa @ Bakebikeblog said...

sorry to hear about the return of the nausea :(

HotpotatoKate said...

Hope it keeps away for you!