Thursday, December 01, 2011

Hot Potato Chip: Week 27

26 weeks, 6 days
What we ate: Heathily from Monday to Thursday.  Less healthily after I passed my gestational diabetes test.  And then more healthily again, after I remembered that you don't need to celebrate not having diabetes by doing your best to GET diabetes.
How we moved: When we could- it was a busy week!
Tuesday: Morning 6k wog along the river trail.  Lovely!
Wednesday: At home workout before rushing to get Phil from the airport.
Thursday: Walk + yoga
Friday: Lunchtime walk
Saturday: Walk with my sister along river trails in Taupo.  Plus spectating...
Sunday: 3 hour walk
Monday: REST
Where we went: Taupo.  And it was bliss.
What we wore: I ordered yet another Piwaka t-shirt from one-day tees.  Ooops! A girl can never have too many.
What we bought/got given: A capsule.  For some reason imagining a tiny baby all scrunched up in it was particularly exciting! I'm taking a bit of a break from baby buying in the lead up to Christmas now- I'll still pick things up when there's a good sale, but I'm trying to focus on Christmas first!
What changed: I realised that running is pretty much over for me for good.  Carrying this much booty is just too hard on my poor legs and back.  I'm still planning to do as much as I can at Tinman though- I want to go out on a high note!
What stayed the same: Everything else.  Still sleeping well, still not too achy or painy. Still relatively energetic in relation to the first tri, but not in relation to any previous version of me!

Exciting moments: I'm 27 weeks today, which means by many people's calculation I'm in the third trimester.  Which is very freaky and exciting.  We also passed the "3 months til due date" marker this week, though we were too busy worrying and being relieved to notice.  So maybe I'll count the third trimester as starting from 28 weeks.

And a new heading as we head towards the final countdown (courtesy of Lisa); What I miss: Cycling.  Mountain or road; whatever.  I miss the fast wooshing downhill feeling, and the uphill grinds.  While I was not sad not to be racing this past weekend, thanks to the insaneo winds, I had some serious bike envy.  I'm worried that the bike mojo I've worked so hard to build will be lost when I get back into it.  There will need to be lots of trips to the Redwoods to visit Sprocket and ride the Dipper!


Theresa said...

You look SO cute!!!  I get more baby fever every time I read one of your updates :) 

runbakerace said...

You look adorable and YAY for the 3rd trimester!!!!  

Janeguy79 said...

your bike fitness will return no worries mrs! You look lovely :)

HotpotatoKate said...

Thanks Theresa! I get more exercise fever every time you tweet right now :)

HotpotatoKate said...

It's more the fear I'm worried about- when I started cycling I was a complete wuss- but after 4 years or so I was getting a lot bolder!

Bakebikeblog said...

my dear - you look wonderful!

and I miss cycling too! I have my road bike still set up on the wind trainer next to the dining table - the only problem being that my belly is too big for me to reach the handlebars comfortably ;)