Monday, December 18, 2006

Since my last post...

Good things:

Appearing in court on my own for the first time (seriously small potatoes stuff, but fun)
Swimming in an outdoor pool at 6:30am
Finishing my 2500 endurance swim at a faster pace than my 1k "time trial" the other week
Getting unexpected and excellent work-related news last Thursday
Buying my Christmas presents to me (bike jersey, swimsuit, compression tights)
Finishing most of my present-buying
Choosing and trimming our tree with my sisters and my sister's boyfriend
Kicking Christmas off with a carol concert/singalong at the Town Hall
The warm feeling in my stomach when we started "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing"
Going for a run around the waterfront after work tonight
Wearing my cute dress to the firm function and being asked over and over where I got it (the answer- local department store, $47.99)
Staying on my strappy heels until 2am (not exactly a HUUUUGE night out, but me + strappy sandals....)
Summer food

Bad things:

Only having time for 35 minutes after work
Watching people swimming in the sea with jealousy dripping off me like sweat
HR training
The beginnings of pre-Christmas stress starting to get to me
Housework (in particular, making our "spare" room-- which is now known as the sport room and should be known as the tip-- inhabitable)

All in all, a happy few days :-) I love this time of year!


Ellie80 said...

Hey great list of good things!!!!!

I still like to tell people how 'back in the olden days' when I was a lawyer I had a 100% win record for consents and adjournments in court... :)

Anonymous said...

A lot of nice things happenin for ya, Kate! Good for you... It's nice to see the scales tipping towards the good things :-)

Rachel said...

Looks like the good outweighs the bad. 6:30 am outdoor swim--I have to work on that. Ugh. Waking up is SO hard to do. You should definitely be happy with yourself.

Lance Notstrong said...

HR training should be on the good least it will when it makes you faster 6 months from now :-)

Lana said...

I feel ya on the pre-Christmas stress! But sounds like you've got more good stuff than bad...Merry Christmas to ya!!

Anonymous said...

Great post! Sounds like the good things are definitely out-weighing the bad!