Sunday, March 11, 2007

Long Slooooow Distance

Time on feet. That's what counts.

Today's 16 miles were veeery sloow. C had also been sick last week, and was having stomach issues on Sunday. Having been sick myself, I didn't really mind the eeeasy pace, and my average HR was a little higher than expected. Despite all this, it was quite a *good* run, though the Furman Institute would be slapping me on the back of the hand for missing pace in a biiig way (11:30 average pace over my goal of 9:36-9:54!!!!! though I averaged easily sub-9 for my first, solo miles). And I was reminded that 3 hours on your feet is much harder than 2 1/2, whether you're going at 9:09 or 12:00!

Good things:

Playing with a borrowed GPS for the first time. Fun fun!
Catching up on C's news and sharing mine- it's been awhile
Watching the elites warming up for the time trial in the Women's Tour of NZ
Staying on my feet for 3+ hours for the first time in nearly a year
Finishing strong, and easily putting some speed on (max for the push was 5:39 pace)
Walking in the ocean on the way back to the cafe
Stealing P's eggs and kransky when I realised they were better than my bagel

OK, time to roast veges and then nap. 6 hours of sleep wasn't enough for me after the last week. We may head out to watch the criterium this afternoon. Then Masters tonight. Fun!

PS- Hehe, P is riding his trainer in front of the TV.. When I came back from my ice bath and shower he was enjoying watching the criterium in the Trust House Classic. But what picked his pace up? The theme to Sponge Bob Square Pants.

PPS- Why is P's HR so much lower than mine when his max is so much higher? How can he be THAT much fitter? I seriously do NOT GET IT. I understand natural strength and speed, but pure fitness?


Wes said...

Oh yea! I could rock to Sponge Bob. He rules :-)

"The Captain" said...

If I can lose 30 more pounds I can starting running

The Joggler said...

Hey Kate, I just found your blog while searching for "long run" because I did a tough one today. Good luck with the marathon training.

I'm also running a marathon in April, but I'm doing it while juggling (or "joggling" as we jogglers like to call it).


TriShannon said...

Sounds like it was a nice run. Sometimes it is better to go slower every now and then... allows time to catch up with friends and just feel good about running.

You are going to do awesome at your marathon!

Susan Oseen said...

6 hours of body needs a minimum of 8-10 hours.

Good job on the go girl!!