Friday, March 30, 2007


Tuesday's race was a mixed blessing. Why couldn't I have run a 22:50? Under 23, but not "speedster" territory?! I had a look at my old 5k times, and saw that my first flat 5k race was 22:44. The Tuesday before I set my half PR of 1:42:35.

So now, on the eve of my tune-up half, I am nervous. I feel like I have something to prove.

But then I think of that 10k. You can't run 1:42 if you're killing yourself to do 49:03 in the 10k. So, I have nothing to prove. I'm not bad, but I'm not in that low 1:40s, getting closer to speedster-land, kind of shape. No!

I have to get rid of these delusions of grandeur!

The goal tomorrow remains to break 1:50. I truly hope I can- ever since I went below 1:50, I haven't been back (since the 1:42 I've run 1:49.xx and 1:47.04), so it would be nice to keep it that way. I feel like I should be able to- I've run a 1:56 in training, my legs are feeling ok, and after Thursday's sad tempo run, I feel like I've recovered from the speed overload on Monday and Tuesday. I don't know what the course is like- although it should be gorgeous. A lot is offroad, and undulating, but it seems to be reasonably fast- I know of PBs being set on that course, people breaking 1:30 for the first time, etc etc.

"First 2.3k is on firm but undulating track

Next 4.5 good wide surface not undulating except for 500mtrs.

Next 200mtrs soft but not too soft

Next 4.7K ( AG is 11.7k) the surface is good, undulating in places.

Next 2k. track narrows in places for 1k. one or two only a breast with a slight hill, the surface is softer in places.

Next 7.7k wide /hard surface /flat/fast"

So, the harder stuff is all in the first 9 miles, with the last 5ish miles being "flat and fast". This means I should really work at taking it easy to start with- pushing a bit uphill, and easing off downhill- the last thing I want is a twisted ankle, and this approach has worked well in undulating courses. There are markers every k, so I should be aiming to average 5ish minutes between markers, then pushing for the last few ks if I have it in me. I want to be in a good position for the narrow bit (about 8 miles in), but not in a place where I have to push. I don't want to be passing, but I don't want to be held up either.

I'm going to carry sports beans, wear my zoot top and lycra shorts (pockets and no chaffing). No GPS (Forest...), no music (it just doesn't feel like a race for gadgets- you'll see what I mean if you check out the site). I will use my HRM, since this is an experiment as well as a race. And I will put it straight onto stop watch!

Anyway, time to finish my pasta. It's way late considering I have to meet my friend at 6!


Wes said...

I don't understand at all this desire to do well in races ;-) As usual, you will give it your best, and you can achieve your goal of 1:50. Run hard, run smart, and you will be rewarded. Good luck, Kate :-)

JenC said...

Good luck and have fun with it! I'm sure your consistent training will serve you well.

Jessica said...

Wow. It's already today for you. I can't wait to hear how you did - I hope it is wonderful for you, but regardless, it's a tune up on the way to the full marathon. And that's where you will really rock it!

The Scott Family said...

Good luck with this race. Been following your blog for a few weeks now - very impressive. I'm doing the Rotorua Marathon as well. My first one so goal is just to get round ... hopefully under 5hrs.

Keep up the good work! .... with the training and the blogging! :)