Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The plan: am I sticking to it and does it work?

I never got round to posting "The Plan", even after building it up to be something far more exciting than it is! Basically, the point of the plan was to try to get back on track in a flexible, easy to handle way. I didn't want to jump straight from pigging out to counting calories and protein grams!

I am also on a reasonably tight budget, as we save my entire salary and both live off P's, and one thing there is not much room for is "want" clothes. Clothes I need we can get- it just means we save less, but clothes I want are another story. Plus, at the moment I am feeling heavy and generally gross, so I'm not in a happy shopping place!

So, like good dieters all over the world, I have come up with a reward-based plan. If I meet my daily goals (one coffee max, bed by 10:30, up for pre-work workout etc...), I get $1, and P matches it. For each of my weekly goals (max 600 calories of sweet treats, 3 key runs, yoga/strength/swimming/cycling etc...) I get another buck. It's not much money each week, but it's a useful tool. (P's also doing a challenge- earning/paying off a new bike jacket by getting out there 15 times over winter.)

Am I sticking to it? I did pretty badly in the first week, and last week was a write off. I keep on ending up at Saturday morning with 2 swims and a bike remaining and no easy way to fit them in (yes, it should be easy, but my motivator tool is broken, so I am finding it hard to make time.. ). Sticking to three bought coffees a week has led to some challenges, and my sugar was a mess when Mum was here. I just can't stop when there's a bar of Cadbury Fruit and Nut to be nibbled at! Work interferes with the bedtime one, and it snowballs from there (missing morning workouts, eating badly...) Ah well, onwards and upwards!

Does it work? I don't know yet- I've been too useless! I am toying with reintroducing calorie counting. Cutting down sugar is awesome, but I do want to lose weight, and portion control has been as much of a problem recently as the sugar. I might give it another week, but I think maybe calorie counting is just the thing for me.

Training: Is going OK. FIRST is hard Hard HARD! I am making the speedwork goals OK, though I hit my 400m goal much better than my 800 and 1600m goals. ST pace (7:35) was ok for some intervals (of 2m each) last week, but was impossible for my 4m this week, which featured some nasty headwind (I averaged 7:45, which is closer to my MT pace). LT pace is 8:05. P and I did an LT run after work last week- I've actually forgotten the time, but I know it was well over LT pace (maybe 8:35?). I'm hoping I get a bit closer with the tempo runs over the next few weeks before my weeny taper- I'm not doing the whole programme, so I know I will not be able to see complete results, but a sub-49 really shouldn't be too much to ask for!


JenC said...

That is an interesting incentive program. Good luck making your goals!

Wes said...

I like being rewarded for doing good stuff :-) That's how I quit smoking 18 years ago when Dee Dee and I got married. I put my cigarette money in a jar and after six months, I bought myself an expensive chess clock! Ha. The good old days ;-)

teacherwoman said...

Make sure your getting enough protein! I read about a study on protein vs. carbs and it was quite interesting. The benefits of protein are so much better then those of carbs... plus, you're more likely to lose the weight.

This too is an on-going battle for msyelf, which becomes harder in the fast pace society we live in!

TriShannon said...

I know this struggle all too well! Goal luck getting to your goals!

Mallie said...

I have no doubt you'll be back on track before you know it. Sometimes you just need a week or two of reprieve from being good. In the larger scheme of things it isn't such a big deal as you've got 50 more weeks in the year to be good!

DaisyDuc said...

I hear ya on both points--

1) FIRST is hard. However after seeing the results of following it for my marathon training, I really feel is delivers great results!

2) Struggle with the eating battle myself. I hate calorie counting. I just try to make the best choices as often as I can and not beat myself up over my cheats and get back on track....and do I really need to work on that!!!