Sunday, May 27, 2007

One more down, who knows how many more to go...

Actually, this week hasn't been all bad (though it's had its moments!!)...


- passing my first two assessments for the course I'm doing (training as a duty solicitor, representing alleged offenders at their first court appearances)
- driving out to a new piece of coast (out the other side of Wainui) with P and watching the sunset
- spending quality time with P on Saturday night, just relaxing and planning our future
- a good trainer ride on Monday- somehow my average cadence and speed have snuck up behind my back!
- a solid(ish) swim to remind me how much I love going back and forth and back and forth up and down that pool
- setting out for my LT run on Friday morning (after a sh*tter of a night on Thursday) and finishing 10k in 49:13!
-finishing a hilly 8-miler at easy pace, calculating my time and finding out I'd averaged 8:22s!
- possibly scoring a trip to Oz for work (sahweet!)
- devouring Jodi Piccoult books borrowed from my friend
- the weather.. warm, still and cloudfree. If this is global warming, pass the CO2!) (yeah- I'm SOOOO kidding- I'm working on my reducing my footprint)

I'll skip the lowlights- they're a bit same 'ol, same ol!


TJ said...

"pass the C02"....LOL!!!
sounds like a great week!
btw, awesome 10K training run.

Bruce said...

Plenty of highs there, sounds like a good week. You're right about that weather, the Capital even turned on a fine day for me last week!

Mallie said...

Glad to see the carefree Kate back posting. Can't wait to follow along on more of your training journey.