Sunday, June 03, 2007

Of trials and tribulations...

Well, it's finally here.

The training is over- from the base phase (easing into it), through the build (with the increase in faster-paced, higher stress days) and then into the high volume stuff (where I learnt just to keep going, regardless of how tired or bored I was).

The lead up races are out of the way- the skirmishes, the mini-competitions, the warm-up rounds.

I am now in taper mode. The preparation is by no means over, there's still heaps to be done, but the focus has shifted from the "go Go GO" of the previous two weeks. What's done is done- we have to trust our training and preparation, and being in good shape on D-day is more important that squeezing that last hour of work in. So I had a full rest day yesterday, and I'm taking this evening easy.

Yes indeedy folks- I am heading into my second "A" event of the year. The first marathon of my legal career- it's my first ever trial (yup, with like witnesses and everything!)

In my area, although we spend a bit of time in Court, we don't get to trial that much. This is mostly because our cases are big, and take years of prep. They also tend to take weeks of court time, so actually getting a fixture is as much work as the fixture itself! You can spend years in lit working only on interlocutories (where the evidence is generally all on paper and the decisions are only on discrete issues), and never get to the *real thing.*

So it's exciting, but it's been tiring, as you're all aware. Obviously, I can't say much about it, so I won't tell you how we're feeling the night before it starts, and I won't really be able to tell you how I feel after it's over. But wow- it's been an experience. I think the marathon analogy is apt, and am amazed I didn't think of it until I realised I'd written the second sentence of this post. So, to continue the analogy, what I can say is that I feel like I've gone from a 5k to a marathon over the last few weeks, and although there have been some bumps in the road, I'm ready for the big day. Bring it on.


Bruce said...

Have a good trial, hope it goes well.

Wes said...

Good luck, Kate! Time to transfer some of that toughness from the road to the court room! Go get'em, girlfriend!!

JenC said...

Good luck Kate! Good thing you are an endurance athlete. Hope your first trial goes well!

TriShannon said...

Hope the trial goes well. Glad you have that endurance athelete mental/physical toughness!!

Amy said...

Love the hair piece thingy. We don't have those up here in Canuckistan. Almost as sexy as a bathing cap. Good luck in your first trial.

Jodi said...

How exciting! We all know how prepared you must be- I'm sure it will be great!