Monday, July 16, 2007

Better than nothing

I've learned a very important lesson these last few weeks, as I work at maintaining work/exercise/life balance. My super-busy period is over, but I'm not yet in a position to relax and go with the flow. I still can't guarantee that after work or lunchtime workouts will, well, work out, or that I'll be home in time to get enough sleep for my next early am wake up call (OK- that last bit's just about lazyness and winter…but late nights don't exactly help).

So, what I've learnt is that:

There is no "too short."

If I'm agitated after a long day, or by the thought of another week pending, it doesn't matter if I don't have time for a "proper" swim before it's time to eat, or before the pool closes. Twenty or thirty minutes is better than no minutes. Maybe I spend as much time changing as swimming. Maybe $1 is a lot to pay for every 5 minutes I swim. But I get to relish the chlorine, and the feeling of peace as I pushed through the water. I got to go home frizzy haired and relaxed. Better than spending the whole hour on Facebook!

If I have an hour to kill between work and meeting friends for a movie, it doesn't matter that "by the time I get to the gym and changed and then showered and changed again I'll hardly have any time to work out." Because "hardly any" is better than none.

Accepting this has meant that over the past couple of weeks I've added at least 2 or 3 swims, lunchtime walks, and a couple of lifting sessions. Not much, maybe, but it's something. And something is better than nothing. It really is- the short lifting sessions mean my arms have seen the inside of the gym for the first time in months. Short swims have meant I've held on to at least some technique, and the easy 100s I do when I get into the pool have been sitting steady at 1:49-1:50/100m (1:40/100y), which used to be my FAST.

So there we have it. Something really is better than nothing.

PS: training notes
S: 16 miles, 2:34ish (hilly)
S: 30k cycle (outdoors!) 30 min swim
M: w/up, 1200 (5:34), 1000 (4:33), 800 (3:29), 600 (2:34), 400 (1:35), 200 (39), cool
EZ nighttime run with P (45ish, 4.5-5mi ish)


Love2Run said...

You got it, just do it! Nice times on the interval workout too. It can be hard to get out the door but the hardest part is often just turning the doorknob.

JenC said...

Definitely the right attitude! Fit it in when you can and you won't go crazy with worry.

Wow, you are a fast swimmer! I only dream of those 100m splits. Maybe someday...

Wes said...

That's right! That's a huge shot of mojo. Training the mind is just as important :-)

Jessi said...

Wow, this was a totally motivating post. Loved it!

Mallie said...

Good for you for realizing that a little is good if a lot is not possible. Sometimes I find myself waffling when I'm feeling pressed for time. I'll have to make sure I look back at this post for a little needed inspiration.

Steve S. said...

Good attitude!!

TriShannon said...

Something is better than nothing... and more than most people do. Great attitude!

Bruce said...

It's easy sometimes to flag a workout if you think you're running short of time, but you're right a short work out is probably better than none at all.

Rachel said...

Good for you! I still have a hard time with that. You're right. Every bit counts.