Tuesday, July 03, 2007

FIRST- the sequel: run 1

Last week my goal was to "recover" from Sunday's 10k and to ease into running before starting my FIRST to the Finish training programme for the Auckland marathon (28 October 2007- exactly 6 months after Rotorua!). Rotorua seemed like a distant memory, and I must say I choked when I saw that my first long run was 13 miles, not 8 as it was under my first-timers programme.

My week was a bit middle-heavy, and looked like this:

T- 40 minute easy loop (am) and 1400m (30 min) swim (pm)
W- run home after work (55 minutes for 6.x miles), 10mi spin on the trainer
T- run into pool (15mins), swim 35 mins, run to work (40 mins), 70 minute easy run with ladies (pm)
F- rest
S- 20 mi spin on trainer (steady- av pace 20mph)
S- about 12 mi run with A (just under 1:55, so 9:30-9:40ish pace)

Since Rotorua, I've done a number of 90ish minute runs (it seems to have become my default "long" run), and my mileage has stayed in the "not embarrassingly low" zone (for the most part) as I've been doing quite a bit of easy running on non-key days. But I haven't run over 90 minutes since April, and the thought of 2 hours at 9:18 pace in week 1 was a bit frightening, so it was a huge relief to know that I can still do 12 miles at a non-embarrassing pace (even with a hangover.. Yuck).

Yesterday morning my legs may have been a bit tired- it was naughty to do speedwork, but I'll be good from now on- promise. My 3 x 1600 splits were pretty lame (all over 7:25- 10 secs above my 5k pace, and 20 secs above my goal 1600 pace), but the wind was yucky, I was still full from a day and night of constant eating, and- heck (we'll see if that ups my blog rating)- it was 6 am. I'm going to need to pick it up on my speedwork, so I'll probably pop down to the gym every couple of weeks to use the cursed t-mill- running speed intervals on the road is just too variable and unreliable. We'll see how my tempo goes on Wednesday. I'm looking forward to the long run this weekend!

I'm investigating some sort of coaching/PT assistance, but am having difficulties finding someone who can do what I want (periodic body comp/fitness testing with some programme assistance for cross training days). The trainer I wanted recommended her body comp guy, as she's leaving my gym, but I have been incredibly put off by the form letter response I got back. Seriously- it doesn't deal with any of my issues and doesn't even include my name. And the pricing structures and forms he sent are just not fitted to endurance sports. But the endurance sports guy isn't so much the shiznit at the body comp stuff (which is really the main point- I mean, I have my programme and I want to stick with FIRST this time round). Hm- what pointless dilemmas I'm having!

Am feeling rather upbeat, because although I'm flat out (as per usual), I get to run tomorrow morning and I finished my work in Auckland early this evening and got to fly back a 1 1/2 hours early! Yay- home at 8 to a delicious meal and some quality time with P before Boston legal.

Lastly, congrats to Jessi for her excellent and sublimely executed race at Nationals this weekend. There have been some amazing races in blogland recently (Wes, Jess, Jodi, Susan, Shannon and so many more). Y'all rock!

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Wes said...

You've definitely kept up on your running a lot more than I have... My marathon is 5 months away and I don't think I'll start training till September, and somehow I have to fit all that into my tri-training. Oh the joy :-) Hope you had a great trip home!!