Saturday, July 21, 2007

For me 12 hours is a big week...

.. and I feel great!!

Some comment-worthy moments:

- a perfect evening on Monday. P and I had a relaxed 45 minute moonlit run, followed by tuna, leek and pea risotto, crusty baked bageutte and pinot gris. MMMM!
- falling into the pool on Tuesday night, with my goggles still sitting on my cap, and my drink bottle in hand! I couldn't stop laughing.
- an easy but hilly run and a good catch up with C
- getting back into my Pump classes. They kicked my butt big time, but I'm feeling buffer and hawter already!
- long run with A around the coast in the sun; some small hills and a bit of undulation. 18.27 miles, 2.50 total time, 9:18 av pace (faster than goal, but not faster than FIRST's suggested goal), talking all the way. I'll take it :-)
- seeing P in his hot bike jersey riding past just after our last turnaround. always makes me happy :-)
- coming home, sipping a smoothie, reading Harry Potter... (awesome that we get it FIRST living in NZ!)

On a more sober note, my heel hurts. I remember this happening after some Rotorua long runs, but it cleared up and I never got it checked out. It just feels like a small bruise inside my heel. Anyone had this? I think it just needs ice and rest, but want to make sure I'm not being completely negligent!


Mallie said...

It could be a bruise...sometimes I get them on my heels if I step on anything while running. If it doesn't go away after ice and rest, you'll probably want to get it checked out.

Wes said...

Feeling HAWT after a pump class....

Pricless! :-)

The Scott Family said...

Falling into the pool ??? .... you know you should not really attempt to swim intoxicated :)

Sounds like you had a great week

BTW ... do you know of any other Kiwi Triathlon blogs ... like to find someone doing the Tauranga Half Ironman.

Keep on blogging


Kate said...

Mike- you were the first Kiwi I found, and I've only found runners since then. So if you find someone doing the half, send me the link!

Erika said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! was feelin a bit lonely in my kneck of the woods. Sounds like you had a great week. I LOVE weeks like that.

Rachel said...

Sounds like a great week. Could your heel be plantar fasciitis? Make sure your stretching adequately. I love how our memories sharpen around our training sessions. Like adding color to our lives.

E-Speed said...

could be a bone bruise or plantar fascitis. Stretch and ice!

Glad training is going well for you!

Bruce said...

Good week, you're getting some good long runs it. Keep up the good work.

I have a bruised heel too. Keep icing it. Probably needs some rest to come totally right but I guess you wont be wanting to do that right now eh.