Saturday, October 27, 2007

Marathon Eve

It's marathon eve again, and I'm trying hard to focus on the positives:

- I am flying to Auckland this afternoon to toe the line at marathon #2
- My race number is 1461, which was not very exciting, until I realised that my number for Rotorua was 461!!! Neat-o.
- I am not sick
- I am not injured
- The forecast for tomorrow is OK. Fine with southwesterlies dying out, high 17, low 8 (celsius guys- seriously). I think I can hack an Auckland sou'wester.
- By 6pm last night I was enjoying a cool Chardy, and planning steak and baked potatoes with my awesome sister
- We'll almost certainly manage to raise over $1500 for the women's refuge.
- I have a great running bud for the first half, a brand spanking new (well, slightly tweaked) playlist for the second half, and plenty of support-types/fellow racers.
- The race has an early (6:30 start), so in 16 hours time I will very likely be all done.
- Monday was a public holiday so I spent the weekend with P in Nelson hanging with my extended family- beautiful weather, good food, gorgeous scenery
- Tomorrow night is mexican and singstar (ROOOOOCK BALLADS) with all my favourite peeps.
- I don't have to work this weekend.

The negatives aren't that negative, but:

- I'm awake. I didn't want to be awake at 6:20 on marathon eve.
- I'm tired. I've worked past 9 every night this week, apart from Friday
- Since Monday was a public holiday, we came back from Nelson on a ferry that arrived in town at 1:05am. It was running late, so make that 1:45am. The plan was to catch up on sleep by chilling out during the week, but see above bullet...
- My back still hasn't quite adjusted to 3 hours of sleeping on the ferry floor.
- On Friday I somehow squished some urgent deadlines into 6 hours of meetings, and had to miss a seminar workshop (about flexibility in work/life, of all things) that I'd been looking forward to.
- I had achilles/calf issues last week, and my training during taper was a mess.
- I've forgotten that girl who was charging up Makara hill and crushing 20-milers a few short weeks ago.

So yeah, not ideal, but I'll live.

Stay tuned for a race report, hopefully a swish PR and some pics of our trip to Nelson last week!

Well now, THAT was an exercise in brattiness. Have just visited the awesome Rachel and reminded myself that a little perspective and positive attitude will go a long way... Sorry for whinging!


The Scott Family said...

Good Luck Kate! ... not that you'll need it :)

I look forward to reading the race report :)

E-Speed said...

good luck! I hope you get a good night sleep and you are fueled up for the race and I am sure you will do fine!

I thought for sure I was done for after my Saturday night illness and female woes but it seems sometimes the running gods are with us and lot us run with it and do great! I'm sure running luck will be with you this weekend!

Wes said...

Kate, have a great race! Leave all the worries behind and run how you feel! Looking forwdard to the RR. :-)

Michele said...

Good Luck! You are going to do great.
Can'ty wait for the race report.

Love2Run said...

Go Kate! You're going to do great!! Good luck, have fun and can't wait for the new PR report (no pressure ;-)

Phil said...

Best of luck on Sunday Kate. We'll be following along as well as well as possible from the other side of the planet. You're going to do great.

Looking forward to your race report.

JenC said...

Good luck, but most of all, have fun! I will wish a PR on you now. Go for it!

Bruce said...

Hope you had a good race, you will be done by now no doubt. Look forward to the report.