Friday, October 05, 2007

Three weeks to go...*

Wow. It's getting close all of a sudden. Kinda scary.

I've been feeling pretty aimless this past week. I blame daylight savings. And work. And spring. And the whole "three weeks to go" thing. Basically, I want this marathon to be over. I'm looking forward to it- I really am, but part of me just wants it to be done. The silly thing is, though, I haven't been training hard. In fact, I've been slack, in what should have been a last build week. Key runs and not much more. Blah.

Anyhoo, despite that, I would say that training's going well. Apart from my awful long run last week, that is. Only 15 miles, and it should have been easy, but I was tired, bored, grouchy and Not Having Fun. I ran most of it with A, then we split up and I went into work, where I was hopelessly unproductive. Pointless really.

I've spent a lot of time on the treadmill this week. Well, not a lot of time, really. But a large proportion of my workout time has been on the treadmill, and I've done both key runs so far on it. Ewie. I've also done too much of my working out at night and, coupled with daylight savings, have been too lazy/tired/lazy to get up early.

Monday was 10 x 400, and they were fine. Boring and sweaty, but OK. Done in the evening, as I couldn't pull myself out of bed in the morning. I came home to a yummy meal made by P and chilled out for awhile. Decided to be good and get up early in the morning for a workout. Set alarm. Woke up. Decided to stay in bed. Dozed. Tossed. Turned. Finally got up late and tired.

Tuesday P and I hit the gym lateish after work. Had a great session on the rowing machine (was regularly going - hitting, not averaging- under 2:00/500m which is very good for me) then messed around with some mat work, rather than doing free weights. Came home, ate frozen meals. Decided not to set alarm, but P decided to get up and ride, so woke up early, stayed in bed. Dozed. Tossed. Turned. Finally got up (actually quite early) and went to work.

I ended up working late on Wednesday, and being too butt lazy to go out for a run. I managed to eat cookies for dinner, then ate some grilled cheese when I got home at about 9:30. P wanted to do yoga. I hesitated, saying I didn't want to repeat the cycle yet again, but didn't want to make him feel bad, so packed a bag and prepared to go. Alarm went off at 5:15. Rolled over. Groaned Stayed in bed. Dozed. Tossed. Turned and eventually got up and dragged ourselves to work.

Made it to the gym a little after 6 on Thursday. Gusts up to 120kph (that's, uhh, above the speed limit...), and steady galeforce winds. Not ideal for 8 PMP miles around the bays. So, chose boredom torture over sand spray torture and stayed inside. I got through my 13ks at PMP in 1:09:57 (8:39 pace), which felt about right to me. I was so bored when I finally got to 12k that I cranked up the mill and did the last k in 4:37 (7:26 pace). P picked me up and we had a nice "date" at a small, nice restaurant. Lovely.

Tomorrow's the last 20-miler, and I have another couple of fun runs for the following few days. Then taper time begins. YAY!

*from Sunday...


Wes said...

Blah, focus, blah taper, blah run a marathon :-) Sounds like you got the change to Spring time blues :-)

Hang in there, girlie! I need a good example for my upcoming marathon :-)

The Scott Family said...

Seems to me that you done all the hard work anyway and a 'mediocre' week (altho sounded good to me) isn't going to affect your race. The three weeks are going to fly by!

Pip said...

All those treadmill runs, and you wonder why you had a blah week? Still, I guess if I was going to choose a week to be laid flat with a cold virus, this was a good one. Those winds have been insane! I'm sitting here now in my RPM gear (easing myself back in gently, obviously) pondering how much damage I've done to myself over the last two weeks of inactivity (hmmm, the suddenly snug gym gear), so you're in a better position than me! The next three weeks WILL be great...

Rachel said...

Hang in there. You're almost there. Try not to beat yourself up so much. You are probably just tired and a little stale from all the training. Remember to get plenty of rest!

Michele said...

Time changes are so hard to adjust to.
You are almost there and are going to do great.