Tuesday, March 18, 2008


After work P and I drove down the road to our local trail for a run. It was awesome. I ran really strong on the way back and negatively split the crap out of it. Stretched. Wandered to the car. Opened the door:

"My handle's wet!"
Hmm. It's not raining.
"And there's a puddle on the ground!"
Hmm. An isolated puddle under a wet door handle."
"You don't think.....?"
"No! Eww!"

Actually, yes. EWWWWW!


Pip said...


Great evening for a trail run though. Envious, very envious!

Susan Oseen said...

Some people...

Glad the run went well : )

SUB6 said...

Disgusting! ...

I didn't know you had a Nike+ (or did I just forget - Getting old) ... calibration is driving me nuts. I've lost my trust in it.

Enjoy your long run tomorrow :)