Sunday, March 09, 2008


First, a chocolate fish (or many) for Elizabeth for *getting* my last title.

It's been a good weekend. We had our engagement party/bbq yesterday, complete with literally the best chocolate cake ever and lots of singstar (that's me and E rocking Freddie Mercury).

Almost as excitingly, we found a great new way to work out and have fun together, and an awesome trail to hang at. P rides his new baby (mtb) and I run. He's faster, but not as much as you might think, and provided he gives me a head start and waits around every 10 mins or so, we see a lot of each other and both have a blast. We did a cheeky 40 minutes yesterday (we were frantic with last minute planning) and around an hour today. It's great- just 5 minutes from home, and there's at least 90 minutes of flattish, scenic and relatively sheltered trail (if you go there and back), which is a rarity in Wellington, where everything is called "ridge", "peak" or "summit"- or sneakily called "walkway" (meaning HILLS). Of course, there are hills galore not far off. Take a different turn half an hour in, and you'll find yourself climbing up to the Belmont Trig (500-odd metres above sea level).


SUB6 said...

Looks like you're really going for it with the Singstar :) haha

Are you still up for Rotorua Half Ironman. I know it's a bit early but I've set up a 'bloggers team' on if you're interested.

Enjoy those flat trails ... you'll be faster than the MTB soon :)


GP said...

So, he rides and you run, and it all works out? That sounds like a good idea. And I might have to steal it for my own purposes.

Congrats, again, on the engagement. Was this a karaoke engagement bbq? Sounds awesome. At least, I hope it sounded awesome.

Steve Stenzel said...

Sweet! Freddie Mercury!