Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Change of plans

Sometimes other things are more important than races
Sometimes, when it's been all about you for the past 2 1/2 years, it's time to give someone else a turn.
Sometimes, when your super speedy fiance is about to run his first half marathon, you realise you'd rather be wrapping him in a giant great hug at the end then struggling around the Bays into a head wind for another twenty minutes.
Sometimes, after you've changed your entry to the 10k (which should have you back in plenty of time), you happen upon the perfect replacement race.

So- I'm foregoing the Harbour Capital Half for another bite at the 10k (remember last year?). And then, in October, I'm heading to New Plymouth to hang with my sister and run a half marathon.

I'm not shooting for sub-48 this time round, but am hoping for a sub-50. For those of you who've entered the guess my time competition, thanks for your optimism. Either I can put all guesses into a predictor and set an equivalent goal based on those, or you can guess again.


Pip said...

Hey there. Thanks for your vote of confidence regarding my own half marathon time goals! I'll just wait to see whether the runner me turns up on the day and hope that there's no killer headwind on the return (yeah right).

Here's hoping for a super speedy 10km for you, and a super speedy first half for the fiance!

That New Plymouth course description sounds fun. My sister's birthday's on 1 October so I need to be in Taranaki around that time. Hmmmm ...

SUB6 said...

I'm not predicting a time ... I hope you just have a great race and finish strong and then have a ball cheering home 'super speedy' :)

That's got to be better than a PR anyday. Have fun! ... look forward to the race report(s)

Aaron said...

You should have a good race having trained for the half.

Just run faster than you were going to :)

Look forward to reading the race report.

Anonymous said...

Like Aasron said, you should be able to SMOKE 10kms after training for the Half.

Have a good run!