Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Hotpotato highlights

Nothing worthy of a whole post, but here's what's doin':

- loving my team on Buckeye. You guys make me want to train. Plus, unlike blogger, I can update my workouts at work. Bonus.

- watching the long slow hill work pay off, as I see a glimmer of the long departed speedster edging back in

- wondering where oh where has my GARMIN gone?? Please Garmin, get here already!

- looking forward to SATC TOMORROW

- cursing ratbag Nike+ (see above, re: Garmin)

- giving up sugar (for now, "sweet foods", then gradually taking other stuff out- but what shall I put on my porridge?) for two months to nip my borderline dependency in the butt. And if I should happen to say tata to some tum flab too, I shan't be complaining..

- thinking about Harbour Capital half- to set a goal, or not to?

- slightly over my addiction to word twist

- slacking off while P rides (!!!)

- salivating over tuna pasta and pinot (seriously, the perfect meal. perfect I tells ya)


Pip said...

Hey you, I was wondering where you'd disappeared to! Are you still doing the duathlon this weekend? I haven't signed up yet but it's still in my diary. I noted on the website today that they've had to change the course and send us all North because of the roadworks. No climb over the Pass of Branda, what a pity!

I'm curious to see how you find your 405 when you finally get it. I'm loving my 305 but the satellite connection can be a bit sketchy at times and it's obviously not of much use anywhere in the CBD. Plus (and this isn't a bad thing) I'm sure it always has me running too fast along Frank Kitts/Te Papa.

I'm about to post a run report, but I did some long, slow hills tonight as well - up Bowen/Glenmore to Kelburn, then down Salamanca and up Aro Valley, through the Karori tunnel then back down Glenmore again. Heaps of fun!

Interested to hear how you get on with cutting out the sugar. What do you put on your porridge usually? I'm eating a Hubbards traditional fruit porridge at the moment which has apricots and sultanas in it. It takes four minutes in the microwave and I don't add any sugar or honey because the fruit makes it sweet enough.

I don't feel trained for the half, but I know I can go the distance and with my current pace I'm hoping for a PR. I'll do what I did last year, set out with a general intention of sticking near one of the pacers and just see how things go. You must have a ballpark? Go on, you know you want to set a goal!

Mmmm, Pinot. Wine is one of the occupational hazards of having a father-in-law with a vineyard. Not so much into the tuna, but pasta with chicken sounds good!

SUB6 said...

I'm a fan of porridge with honey.

I don't really have much of a comment other than that but I wanted to unashamedly get in a request to vote for me at (Sub6 obviously) so i thought I'd comment :)

You can vote for me at home and at work for a double wammy. If I win you'll have the comedic sight of me wearing a helmet worth more than my bike :)

I'm loving the Buckeye group as well ... even though it's not exactly motivating me to train at mo - lots of rest days lately :)

hope you 'find' the Garmin and sort out the Nike+


SUB6 said...

Have you tried putting Lemon Pepper on the tuna pasta ... just takes it to that next level :)

so ... have you voted for me yet :) haha