Sunday, June 08, 2008

In the immortal words of Stephanie ("Step on Me") Tanner...

As we pulled our bored, sweaty and aching bodies off the trainers after ninety very very long minutes, made bearable only by the sweet vowels of Julie Andrews, we looked outside, only to see that the gale force winds that had battered the house all night and whipped up the harbour all morning, had eased, leaving a calm (if ice cold), stunning winter Wellington morning waiting for lazier (or smarter) cyclists to embrace it.

How rude!

PS- longest "sentence" ever??


Pip said...

Yeah, I felt a bit that way after venturing outside to realise that it actually was as nice outside as it looked. Given the arctic temperatures in our house (9.5 degrees) I'd assumed the best tactic was to stay in bed.

I did do RPM this evening though. Julie Andrews though? Seriously?!

Aaron said...

The hills are alive...?