Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I vow

I, Hot Potato Kate,
do hereby promise,
from this day forward,
to bite my tongue,
and stop commenting "slow down- I'm right, you know",
and I vow,
to stop telling you off
in your heads

when you run.

Unless you REALLY need to hear it ;)


Mike said...

some of us really need to hear it so please carry on :)

Kathy tells me to keep my elbow high in the swim and Paul tells me to relax my arms when I'm climbing on the bike. Julz tells me to harden up generally and Phil reminds me not to ride on the white line in wet weather. There are so many people telling me what to do when I train that I don't even notice the pain!

Rachel Harris said...

Ha ha! I've got to learn how to bite my tongue too, for the same reason. But it's okay, we know we're right. ;-)

Aaron said...

I'm with Mike on this. Please continue offering sage advice.

I do have a question though - is the go-slow philosophy something you did whilst training for a marathon(s) or something you applied afterward (i.e. lesson learned/experience)?

Kate said...

Aaron- for my first marathon, I followed the FIRST plan. When running alone, I tended to use my target paces as a goal to beat, and raced myself every time. I was supposed to be doing speedwork and tempo runs, and I did those hard. A lot of long runs were with a friend who is much slower than I am, and I found these veeery slow runs very beneficial, as I was actually on my feet for much longer. But all in all, I'm very much a convert, not an experienced slow-running practitioner, and, although it's intrigued me for awhile, it's largely to do with Coach Paul making me do it!

Mike- don't forget that Phil also tells you to watch your mid-foot strike. It's really not fair to treat me as the bigger nerd!

Mike said...

Geez thanks Kate ... yet another voice in my head! I'm a converted mid foot striker now and a big toe push offerer. Not sure where I read that one but I think it's saved my calfs.

That's the great thing about reading so many blogs. You can take bits and pieces from everyone and some bits really make a difference ... like the 'run your slow runs slow!' ... others like 'don't worry about eating on a 70K ride, you'll be fine' I'll disregard!


Kate said...


Pip said...

But I neeeeddddd to hear the whole 'slow down' message as well!

Incidentally, after reading about your hellish couple of weeks, it's not surprising you had issues on the bike. Times like that I've not even made it out of the car park, let alone the whole 70k!

Pip said...

Yep, really, crying BEFORE we even left .... put back in the car and sent home. That was last summer training for Taupo!

Andrew is getting fit said...

Don't make vows you can't keep! ;)

Kate said...

Thansk Pip- you made me feel much better!